Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sparklers and cervix cutting

Dawson, Lakin , & Gavin
Look at me!!
Lakin, Dawson, and Gavin with their sparklers

Here are just some pictures that I took last night of the kids playing with sparklers. Lakin didn't get to do any at the party, since she left. Luckily, Trish found some more in her truck before she left, and she brought them in. So we had some for her to do last night. I guess I just can't remember sparklers being so much fun, but I know I loved them as a kid, too. Ah, to be young again!!
Dawson, like his mother, always posing for the camera
again, trying the " sweet and angelic" pose, here
He works so hard on his little smile!!

So as most of you know, I went in for my LEEP ( formerly thought to be LEAP) yesterday. Jami wasn't to hyped about me going alone, so she came along, we were hoping she'd be able to see my cervix. unfortunately, she only saw the piece they cut..gross. She's got one of those tough stomachs, unlike me, where that stuff doesn't bother her. Anyway, they numbed me with a scary looking needle, which I didn't really feel, so it wasn't to bad, just some pressure. The clamp things ( can't think of what they are called) that they open you with, were the worst part. They are never comfortable, but these things were HUGE!! OUUUCHHH!!!!! Anyway, I wasn't completely numb, I felt it, it didn't feel good, but would have been a lot worse if they didn't numb me ,I imagine. i felt some cramping and then it felt like someone was, well, cutting me. Which I guess wasn't actually happening, he was burning me. We didn't actually wear the masks, the smell wasn't that noticeable ( gross, huh?). It was over pretty quickly. After, the nurse gave me some wipes and paper towel to clean up with, but she was in the room, and wouldn't leave, I felt kinda awkward, naked from the waist down, wiping myself with little nursy in the room. I'm sure she's seen worse, but it's different when your not in the stirrups!! The cramping hasn't been to bad, it was actually worse with the bi-opsy, so that's good. I had to take some alieve right after and last night, but today all is well. now we just have to wait a week for the results, which I don't have a bad feeling about, so that's good. basically, if they come back okay, I'll just have to go in for pap's every 6 months( better than three!), until I get three normal pap's in a row. If they come back abnormal again, basically we'll just discuss that then. That's the positive. The negative is ( which he ( Dr. Clark) doesn't feel like will happen) if they come back bad, then the next step would be a hysterectomy. But, let's not dwell on that, I have another little Vern in my future!! I'll let you all know when the results come back... CLEAN ( I hope!)! Jami practically BEGGED me to post some pictures of her tata's... she's SO proud!!

Us with our surgical masks... they were to help with the smell of burnt cervix and my " particles"
Scary, huh? Yes those very, very large green things are the ones they have to use for this procedure... let's just say OUCH!! And that's the needle... eek!
Machine that shoots electricity to heat up "cutting tool".
My grounder, so I didn't get electrocuted...

" vagina is sleepy?"

- Jenny McCarthy - Life laughs ( on excuses not to.. you know)


Anonymous said...

I really wish you wouldnt use that v word!!! and you are the one that wanted to put my boobs up!

Anonymous said...

well Jami now the whole world has notice that you have great T's..

Anonymous said...

leave it to christa!!! she likes them that much :) who's anonymous anyway? don't be scared!!!!!! um i mean scured???