Thursday, February 24, 2011

The GREAT Ice Storm of 2011

Hey ya'll!!! :) Hope everyone's year is trukin right along stuPENdously!!! We've ran into our share of speed bumps ( 2nd degree burns over the majority of my left hand, broken arm scare (Emma), work ( always a problem in this line and in this weather), some pretty stressful family issues, 2 near death experiences with The Professor, who is apparently more like a cat than what we realized ( 9 lives), among other things ), but we are still moving forward!!
I thought a good first 2011 blog would be the much talked about and much hated ICE STORM ( da,da,dada). I took these pictures after the first round of ice came our way. This is when I could actually step outside my door without falling ( ahem...12 the garage and back...that was BEFORE i gave up and crawled), when you could actually still SEE the yard, instead of the apparition of a frozen lake where ground used to be, before my husband almost made me a widow by cracking open his skull, before the world stopped moving and we lost power for THREE days ( yes..72 hrs..btw..just in case you were unaware, that was during some of the coldest temps we've had, and in a VERY poorly insulated modular home), and before the over 2 hour car trip ( 45 minutes on MY ROAD) to Avon that very nearly gave me an ulcer and drove me to tears ( we won't begin to describe the life altering event involving my mother's driveway...geesh). SO.....anyway...we survived (barely), and after 5 ( endless) canceled school days and the week after that it took to begin to thaw ( along with my 5 year old informing us we had to PAY her every time she fell getting on and off the bus....make sure your floors are clear when we visit..she's willing to go after her own parents!!), our lives went back to being moderately normal.
Here are a few pictures that I risked my life for ( rear end, anyway).....I liked them..just thought I'd share ;)