Friday, January 7, 2011

My last post of 2010!!!! 2011 :)

Lakin's first use of her new makeup set...I don't see cosmotology in her future ;)

Oh... yeeahhhhh..

She was so sad ! ;( she got her presents..then got told she had to wait. Poor baby

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

sugar, icing, sprinkles...and one big mess!!

Christmas cookies and a gingerbread village!!! Jami and her gang came over and we did our " annual" cookie decorating...and I thought a gingerbread village would be fun for the kids. Those things are hard to put together!! Next year I think I'll just buy 2 big ones for them to decorate together. :)

of course Lakin has to have a dress or skirt for EVERY occasion...and she decided this one was perfect for cookie decorating :)

awwww.....LOVE them together!! It really makes me feel a little weepy when I see pictures like this (*sob*). Can't wait until they can look back at them as adults!!

holding each others hands so they don't fall :)

Such a sleepy baby!! No nap and lots of excitement and chaos = this sad, sad face ;(

Love this face!!

The girls worked so hard on putting the little candies on the roof...only to take them off and eat them!! I'm pretty sure this is the second round of decorating

Yes...that is rice that Dawson is holding.....Yes that is wrapping paper behind him....yes I bought him rice and wrapped it!! Every year he usually has one food he's crazy about, so I buy him some for Christmas and wrap it...this year it was rice ;)

See that little "angel" hanging out behind the table saying "shhhhh"???? She's the one who did this..just so she could climb in the basket

Finished products...well...some of them..some of them from a certain little girl ( lakin) were so covered in icing and sprinkles, they couldn't even make it to the plate. She seems to over do it a bit ;)