Friday, July 25, 2008

baby Ava

Well it's been awhile since I've updated everyone on Ava's condition, so I'll try to do it now. There are so many things every day, that I'm just going to touch on the basics. Basically she's been doing really well, a lot better than they anticipated. She's just moving right along in the " get better" wagon! Last Saturday night, she had a pretty scary episode while they were suctioning her out. Her heart rate dropped major, but they were able to get it all taken care of and everything turned out okay. I think it may have had something to do with the pain meds. she was on, but they switched her to a morphine drip. Until today, everything was moving right along! They took her off her ventilator ( which I can't wait to see, I haven't seen her whole face!), and she is doing really well without it. They were able to put her on her belly, and she tolerated it really well, which is a major improvement from before where even moving her head hurt her. They started feeding her through a stomach tube, so they aren't able to hold her, they don't want to dis-lodge the tube, but I think they were feeding her 5ml. over 12 hours, but now are up to 7ml.'s in 12 hours? I could be wrong on that. That really isn't very much at all, 5ml. is like a 1/4 of an oz. remember that's over a 12 hour period. Poor baby! Anyway, she seemed to be doing well with that, too. They did a dye test today, which is where they have her drink the dye so it shows up in a scan, to see if any of it was getting in her lungs. Unfortunately, it showed that there was some, but there is some getting to her stomach, too, so that's good. The nurse said she coughed a lot of it up, which is also good. Basically, it's like when we take a drink and it goes down the wrong tube, just with babies, it's a bigger deal to get in their lungs. They had said that if the scan didn't show anything, they would be able to hold her and I think they were going to try the bottle, but since it showed some in her lungs, I'm not sure what will happen,now. Jami will call me later after she talks to the doctor. Lets see, the "syndrome doctor" as Jami calls him, is going to check her over a Little better, but doesn't think she has any kind of actual syndrome. It's just one of those random things that, unfortunately, happened to Ava. The geneticist also assured them that it's not something that they have to worry about happening to another baby, if they get pregnant again. It's nothing hereditary. Like I said, a rare and random occurrence. Poor Ava, again! But it looks like Jami may have caught onto my baby bug, cause she's talkin like she doesn't feel done, either! We will have two more little pre-made BFF! Maybe this time they'll be boys ( I doubt it:)). Jami's doing okay, but she's in a great amount of pain. I am SO glad I haven't had to go through a C-section! Her boobs are hurtin now, too, so that sucks. She's swollen just about everywhere, even her ankles, excuse me cankles, so that sucks even more. Poor, poor Jami:( I feel for her on the cankles! Anyway, after i talk to her, I'll try to re-update everyone. Pray for little Ava!

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