Friday, July 25, 2008

Emma Grace

I just wanted to put these pictures of Emma up..... aren't they cute???? I think they are anyway. I tried to get her smiling, but in most of them she's doing her new favorite thing... chewing on her hands. She pretty much ALWAYS has her hands in her mouth, but she's got a couple of little teeth trying to push through her bottom gums already! She's handling it pretty well, but time will tell how that goes. Two days ago, I was worried because she wasn't really making any noise and wasn't holding up her head while on her belly. Well, since then, she's pretty much been constantly doing little oohh's and aahh's... so cute!! I can't get enough:) She's also TRYING to hold her head up for a few seconds. She does a lot of bobbing, but she's getting it. She's still not batting at toys, but I bet she'll be sitting up on her own really soon. She's doing SO well with that. She'll also probably be scooting with her head across the floor before she's able to actaully lift her head while on her belly:) Mom got her two little wrist rattles, and she's really into trying to look at them. That actually takes a lot of effort for my three month old! She hasn't figured out yet how to move her hand into position so she can see it yet, but if you do it for her, she really like them!! When her hands find her mouth, I think it's by accident. She doesn't have that whole " brain to arm thing" going yet. She'll figure it out soon! Anyway, enjoy the pictures! I'll have many more from the fair tomorrow, I'm sure!

snuck this picture of Marley in... he's cute too!

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