Friday, May 30, 2008

M.A.C Lipstick

This is what happens when your 3 year old gets in your purse and gets your good M.A.C lipstick ( color: craving).

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jami update

Well.... Jami spent another night in the hospital. They did an ultrasound on her yesterday, and the lady said that her water looked fine, but I guess it's normal to have to much one day and be fine the next, so they still wanted to keep her. Today she has to go to the actual office and get another ultrasound done because they want to check for heart defects in the baby. Little Ava will be fine!! Everybody pray for her and Jami, even though I'm sure this is just precautionary. They are putting Jami on bed rest ( which is no surprise) until 32-34 wks., and giving her medicine to help with the contractions. As soon as she calls, I'll let everyone know what's going on.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

General News 5/28/08

Well, Jami had to go and grab all the attention ..... again. She's managed to get herself put in the hospital... drama, drama, drama, with that girl, I swear! Seriously, she did go to the hospital last night, and as of right now, is still there. Yesterday, she went in for her bi-weekly appt., and was still measuring bigger then what she really is ( she has been for a while now). So they did an ultrasound. The baby is doing great, no worry there, but she is carrying to much fluid. I guess it's pretty rare, leave it to Jami to have it happen to her! J/K. So good ol' Clark referred her to a specialist, to do a high-definition ultrasound, which she was supposed to have done this morning. However, she started having contractions every 1-4 minutes, so the doctor told her to go to the hospital ( she at one on the North side, I think). They decided to keep her overnight. They think the extra fluid is causing her contractions, and are worried that her circlage (Sp.) will break because of them, and we don't want that! They postponed the ultrasound for right about now, actually, but that's all I know right now. I'll keep you all updated.

Now, for me.... the dr. office called with my pap results today, and it came back with some " weird cells" again. Sooo... next Thursday, I have to go back in for a torturous co-whatever thingy...again. He told me before that if there is anything up there this time, he'll go ahead and bi-opsy it. Which for obvious reasons, I am not looking forward to. I was really hoping whatever it was was pregnancy related, and my pap would be normal. Of course, it may be no big deal, I have a history of abnormal's, and they have went away on their own. I'm really hoping that's the case this time, too. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared, cause I am, my stomach hasn't been feeling to well since they called. I really don't want to go through with all of this. I'm sure it's fine, he's going to get up there and not find anything, or maybe even have to do a bi-opsy, but it will come back fine. My body just wants to be difficult. I REALLY don't want to have to have to have a stupid hysterectomy at 26! I have one more baby in my future!! I just really don't want to have to do all of this right now...ever, really. Like I said, I'm sure it's fine, but you can't help but consider the negatives, too.

Anyway, once I hear anything about Jami, I'll let you all know.... Have a great day !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Lakin's 3rd Birthday Party 5/25/08

Well, my baby's ( almost) 3!! That makes me rather upset, actually. Unfortunatley, I always manage to get tons of pictures at other peoples party's, but get very few at my own. I'm going to have to do something about that I guess. I'm hoping my dad has some, but he said his flash wasn't working, so we'll see. Anyway, thanks everyone who came, Lakin loved all her gifts and we appreciate it! Until next year.......The birthday princess in her " party dress" Brooke
Dawson, Lakin, and Jami trying out her new bike
Break it, Gavin!!
My Grandma Watts and Emma

Vern's Grandma Brothers & EmmaLakin riding her new bikeOh wow!! Lakin's new playhousePresents, presents,presents!!!Beautiful princess Lakin

Kayla's Graduation Party 5/24/08

Vern & Gavin
Saturday night we went to Kayla's ( Vern's cousin) graduation party at Cox's lake. It was a really nice party! To me what defines a good party is if my kids had fun, and they all ( well, excluding Emma) had a blast! Before I know it, I'm going to be the one having one of those for my baby's...but for now we'll just deal with getting through elementary and pre-school! No reason to think that far ahead. Really, it seemed like the party turned out well, and you could tell Vern and Trish were very proud! The weather was great, it got a little chilly later on, but nothing a sweatshirt couldn't handle. Of course, just when the volleyball game got started, Emma had a gassy moment, and we had to leave, but hey, the joy's of kids! Anyway, here are some pictures, even though I didn't get that many, I was to busy playing with the new love of my life ( Trish's camera). She is going to try and get me a copy of the CD though, so I may have more yet... I took A LOT with her camera! But here are a few that I liked....enjoy!Ericka, Chase, Byron, & Elizabeth......... Peddle, Peddle, Peddle!!!! Yum! Cupcakes!
Lakin just relaxin
Lakin loves bubbles!
Your turn! Bloooowwww.......

What's up!!

Gavin just doin' a little fishin'

Can you picture them just like this in 20 years? Maybe add a beer....

Tracy and Chase
MichaelDang girl!! How much chicken did you eat??? Puuushhh....... ( Lakin & Chase)Just kidding.... I can get ya!! ( Lakin & Chase)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Emma at 6 (almost 7) weeks

Just wanted to put some more recent pictures up of Emma. She changes so much everyday!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

General News.....and a few pics.!!

A lot has happened in two days! But we'll star with Monday... Emma smiled for the first time!! And it was at me! Lakin's first was at Gavin, and didn't grace me with one for a long time after. Of course "mama" was. like, her 4th sound, too. It WILL be Emma's first! She loves me!

Yesterday, we went to Emma's 1 month well-child. She's doing great! She weighed 9lbs 4.5oz., which put her right under the 50th %-tile. She is 22.4 in. long, putting her at the 90th %-tile ( no surprise there!). Her head was only at about the 20th, at about 14 in., I think. So she doesn't have a massive head like Lakin! Her weight to height ratio ( whatever that means, think I'll ask next time), put her right under 5%. We are going to switch to Gentle ease formula, and see if that will help with her gassiness. If not, I'm supposed to let them know, and they will check for reflux. Now, about reflux. I doubt I'll take their advise on this, but only because I've read in 3 different articles, that it is VERY highly miss-diagnosed. Like 80 some % of babies that they say have it, don't really. I have no urge to buy $10 bottles and give my daughter medicine every day if she doesn't need it. Of course, I will bring this up with her doctor, and see if she can convince me that it will actually help her, but those articles have me leery. We will see. They also said that she most likely is having allergy problems, but at her age, there isn't really anything we can do to help her, which I kind of figured. We'll just have to watch her as she gets older, and try to avoid things that make her uncomfortable. I am beginning to believe that she ( and I) have a severe, VERY severe reaction to Mister, therefore, he needs to go far, far away.

So, we went to Lakin's preschool yesterday to pay her registration fee and secure her spot in their class for September. She was SO excited when I told her where we were at! She spread out her arms, and began run/hopping down the sidewalk, singing, very happily, " my school" "my school", over and over. When the director opened the door, she said " this is my new school!". It was so freakin cute! As soon as we were in, she took off. She was gone. She came back, on her own, thank goodness, and we went into the office. The first thing she said is " where's the paints?" We've had endless discussions about all the things there are to do at school. The cuteness lasted a very short time... it was time to leave. Let's just say she was EXTREMELY unhappy about this. This school is probley thinking terrible thoughts about my parenting. Last year I have one who requires 4 adults to use bodily force, just so I could leave. And now here's one who almost needed the same to get her to leave. Maybe when it's Emma's turn, we will have a happy in-between. ( note: so far gentle-ease not helping... maybe even worse??)

And finally, some VERY happy news... I'm going to be an aunt....again!! Josh knocked some one up..... just kidding! Congrats to John and Heather! It's about time! Now Emma will have a cousin close to her age! Fun, I got all my kids covered, now if only they actually saw each other....... Well, if you need any advise, I'm your man ( or woman ,I guess), I've sorta become a pro on this whole havin babies thing! It's hard for me to imagine Heather as a mommy, and even harder to imagine John being Daddy.. he'll actually have to TOUCH a newborn! But I know that they will be great! Stretch marks and all!!! he-he, just kidding again ( I hope) ! Hm mm.. what am I going to name this child??? I'll have to think about it, I'll let you know. I've already decided it's a girl. Heather, don't buy a name book, I have one here, along with a list of all the good ones...
I'll mail it to ya... that way you'll get it before Christmas!

I think that's it for now, everyone have a wonderful, windy, yucky Wednesday! Oh yeah, I get to go visit my O. B tomorrow ( I miss him, actually), I'll be sure to inform all of you about my tortures in the stirrups and my boob massage ( eek!) ! I know you will all be eagerly awaiting!I caught Emma mid-sneeze!The kids and I were taking a walk, and I was playing with my new camera
Gavin playing with an audianceLakin & Emma
Lakin after doing her own makeup... isn't she pretty!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chase's 2nd B-day Party

Well, did everyone have a good weekend? Ours was super! We did a whole lot of nothing, which is pretty normal around the Ridgway house. Saturday evening was spent at Chase's ( for those of you who don't know, Vern's sister, Ericka's, youngest) 2nd b-day party. It turned out pretty well, I think. The kids had a lot of fun, even though Lakin was VERY tired and so whined the majority of the time. Toddler-hood!! That is what these pictures are from. I hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day, mine is turning out to be quiet, which is rare and greatly enjoyed! Lakin and Vern have been gone most the day, out to get me something from the kids, and Gavin is usually quiet as long as Lakin's not here for him to pester. Emma still sleeps most the day, so only the noise of (currently, Spongebob) the T.V, is happening here. I'm enjoying it while it lasts. Does that mean I'm getting old? I actually look forward to quiet. The rare times that there are no kids, I don't turn on the T.V. or crave public places, I just want to sit and listen to quiet. I L-O-V_E it! I think that I could sit and read a book, with no noise, all day long and be fine by that. Yep, that definitely means I'm getting old.

So anyway..... did everyone get Lakin's b-day invites, yet? If not, yours may be some of the one's that haven't been mailed yet, cause' I ran out of stamps. But for those of you who haven't, it's the 25th ( which is a Sun.) at 2:00. We will have food, so come hungry. As for what to get miss Lakin, that I don't know. I'm sure that she'll love whatever you pick out. Whatever you think a 3 year old girl might like! She doesn't need babies or clothes, but if you do get clothes, she's in a 4T. PLEASE, no babies!! She likes anything that relates to art..paint, clay, crayons, markers, etc.. She also like dress up and music! She LOVES to sing and dance, so music related things are a plus. But any toys are good, that's what she wants. Outside toys are a plus, also. She like movies, any Nickelodeon cartoon is usually okay, but be careful with Dora, because we have most of them. She also like Strawberry Shortcake, some Kitty cartoon, mickey mouse, and baby Einsteins. I'm sure you all can figure out something, but there are some ideas. We are getting her a wooden outside playhouse. That is all she will be getting from us, because it was pretty pricey, her memaw and papa are going to help with it. But she will LOVE it! So toys she can unwrap will be much loved by her. Now, after Lakin's, at least until August, only two more b-days!!! I get a break, thank goodness!! ( well, except for all you adults in June and July) Can you believe that Dawson and Payne are almost 8?!! They will be 16 before we know it.

Has anyone had the chance to experience the Wii wheel? I know, I'm a loser... but it's fun!! I got Gavin one on Friday, and it's turning out to be a big hit. You actually steer to drive on mariocart, it's hard, but fun! You should all try it! Next purchase.. American Idol for the Wii, it includes a microphone! Lakin will love it! ( secretly, I just use the kids as an excuse to buy this stuff!)

Brooke and Kizzy Megan & Chase trying to blow out the candle Chase riding his lawnmower Chase and his new bike!
Brooke, not very happy at being taken from her mommy, and Harry Chase, enjoying his cake...Yum!!! Chase, checking out his balloon Vroom, Vroom!!! Gavin, playing football
He pushed around this tractor almost the entire party! Harry, Chase, and Emma Gavin...ummm, walking?
Gavin & Lakin, waiting to slide Megan Michael
Lakin...aren't we cute????