Monday, July 28, 2008

Ava update

not the best picture of me, but hey, they can't all be perfect:)

Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was busy, but not to bad. I have three different events to blog about, thought I would just go in order of my weekend. First: Saturday afternoon, Vern and I took the kids to mom's and then we (and Dawson) went to the hospital to see Ava. Dawson was SO excited to see his baby sister for the first time! Unfortunately, the nurse came out and said that Dawson didn't have a 2nd chicken pox shot, and since he was over 6, he had to have it to go into the NICU. That sucks! He was SOOO... disappointed. This 2nd chicken pox shot is something neither of us had ever heard of, and obviously, isn't something that's required for school, since neither of the boys have had it. I asked mom about it, and she said it's something relatively new, and that it's not required, but recommended. But I guess the NICU can't take any chances, those are some little immune systems! So anyway, I got to hold AVA ( sing-song voice)!! and to correct my last update, they removed her chest tube, not her feeding tube. The little yellow tube in her nose is her feeding tube, which out of all of the little wires running off of her, is the only really vital, "you have to be careful", one. She is doing great!! She smelled new, like I knew she would.. I just wanted to bottle up the scent and take it home and put it on Emma! She stayed awake almost the whole time I held her ( she loves me already!). And her cry! So pitiful and funny at the same time! It wasn't even really a cry ( well, not compared to my children's lungs), more of a little uh-uh, cute! It will get louder, probably already is by now, she was all hoarse, but it's still funny. I only held her for a little while, but Jami wanted to visit with Dawson for a little while. She got the hiccups right before I put her down, and she didn't like that at all! Basically she's doing really, really good! They put her in a crib yesterday, and she got to wear clothes! Jami got pictures, but I don't have any:( I'll let you guys know anything new!

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Anonymous said...

I have really been praying for the baby she is so cute. Can't wait to meet her.