Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July!! Is everyone out watching fireworks at your local parks? Or more like me, and just sitting at home, waiting for tomorrow night? We talked about going into Greencastle, but decided against it because of Emma. She likes her schedule, and her schedule is bedtime at 9:00. That means " put me in my bed and leave me alone or I will not stop screaming!" So for the sake of not interfering with my youngest' needs, we opted to just stay home. However, three of our neighbors have been putting on quite a show, so Gavin, Lakin and I sat outside for awhile and watched theirs. Of course, Lakin,too, likes to be in bed around a certain time, and this was interfering with her sleep. So we came in. They are still out there, shooting their giant sparklers, but Lakin is now asleep , and I sent Gavin to his room to lay down. Man, here in just a couple of weeks, I'm going to have to start re-enforcing the dreaded 8:00 bedtime to start preparing for school! My baby is going to be in first grade! I think I'm getting teary eyed, just thinking about it. In case your wondering, Vern went to town to get some more beans so he can soak them overnight, if he was here I'm sure he, too, would have been participating in the firework watching. But, they are still shooting them off, so I'm sure he'll see some of them. No more for me. After I post this, I'm going to re-clean my kitchen for the 50th time today and take my last cobbler out of the oven. Then I'm going to bed. I'm am SO tired! I'm sure it's going to be an early start for me tomorrow and a late night after a very busy day. Can't wait to see you all there!! It will be fun! Awwww.... isn't Mr. Marley Gumms cute??!!!!He kinda looks funny some other type of dog that i can't think of....

Waaaaaaa............., what the hell are you doing????

He's such a good big brother!!


Anonymous said...

yeah, until he pokes her eyes out, hehe. poor marley gums. marley looks so darn cute in that first picture!!!! you little good camera girl you "in the voice";) i can't wait until tomorrow, well that's today for me either. i just want to eat all of your yummy food. even if you didnt use my grandmas baked bean receipe. ha! oh btw the 2nd marley picture i agree he looks like something else, like a terrier something or other. i don't think he is htough, he's just a mexican maltese!!! see ya in a few hours. hide the cobbler till i get there!


Anonymous said...

p.s. i don't know why i put either at the end of that one sentence. hmmm maybe i meant i can't wait for today either. hmmmmm?