Monday, December 29, 2008

Ridgway Family Christmas

Christmas day, about 1:00, we headed next door for Vern's parents Christmas get together. I had really wanted to get a picture of all three of my kids together before we left,but, like always, everything was pretty hectic and we didn't have time. I was just going to do it when I got home, but of course by that time, Emma was crying and I sort of forgot ( not to mention Gavin stayed dressed for all of 2 minutes). I guess I could get all of them dressed again and do it another day... they would just love that, I'm sure. Oh well, looks like no group photo this year:( Here are some pictures from the (other) Ridgway house.

Chris (Vern's brother) and Emma


Doesn't she look so happy!!!



Lakin wearing the dress Grandma bought her


That's Lakin under all of that hair, BTW:

Friday, December 26, 2008

Mom's Christmas 2008

Did everyone have a good Christmas? Our's was pretty good! The kids made out (like always) and I'll be trying to find room for all of their stuff for months ( mom, get your play room ready, we are sending stuff back!!) Mom had her Christmas the Saturday before. The kids got way to much, but at least it was less that last year:) My mom really spoils her grandchildren. I know one in particular who the word "no" doesn't even exist..... can anyone guess who that is???? Needless to say, that one got a bunch of stuff that mommy said no to because we didn't have room for it..... now it has to go back to memaw's, at least unitl I get a bigger house (which will be a few years, so by then she won't play with it anymore, but I guess Emma will) but she ( lakin and memaw) love every minute of each other, that's what matters. Anyway, here are the pictures from mom's and since some of you only check your e-mails from work, you'll probably have more than one by Monday because I'm going to try to post the rest of our Christmas this weekend ( even though it feels more like Monday to me...). These are of Emma before we left... isn't her little bow cute??!! Isn't she cute!!These are of Lakin's hair before we left. I knew the curl wouldn't hold so I grabbed a few pic.'s before the fell all of the way out. Molly ( doesn't she look thrilled?)Everyone (well, everyone present) waiting to unwrap
Oh look!!!!! She actually picked this out and helped wrap it and put it under the tree, so she wasn't that surprised:)Alexis

This Wii Sing it is fun!! I just wish it wasn't Disney songs that I don't know.....

These two decided it was nap time, I guess

Jerry (papa) opening his present from Lakin. She picked it out all by herself..... awwww!!

Gavin's drums!! He really wanted these and he was pretty excited! They had to stay at Memaw's because we didn't have room in the van ( darn it), but they will be home soon, I'm sure.

Emma was really grouchy (very tired) so she didn't really get into the whole opening presents thing

Every time I tried to take Aleyah's picture she broke into one of these silly poses..... Finally!! A normal one...........

These are Lakin's shoes that Vern and I bought her when we ran to the store. She actually took me into my room one day last week and showed me a pair of my black shoes ( which are Mary Jane style) and said " I want black shoes with this ( pointing at the strap) and this (pointing at the heel)". I told her we probably couldn't find ones with a heel for her, but I would get her a black pair with a strap. We were at Target and I found a really cute pair of black shoes and I though ohhh!! But then I saw these and thought , man, Lakin would really like these. Her dad told me to get the ones she would like, not the ones I liked, so here they are. And she sure did like them!! She wore them for two days ( this includes sleeping in them). She finally took them off when she got her Cinderella dress-up dress ( which she also slept in). The things we do for our children....

Finally, aren't these tights cu-uuu-te!! I just love the ruffles. I actually had a pair of pink, silk panties with white ruffles on the butt when I was 3 or 4 ( I was in pre-school). I loved them!! Remember those, mom? Anyway, I got in trouble and wasn't aloud to wear them anymore because I kept lifting my skirt and showing everyone my ruffles!! I want another pair now!! ( I won't show anyone my ruffles, though, sorry)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lakin's First School Program!!!

Lakin had her first school program! It's one of those bittersweet moments..... my baby's growing up!! But my baby's growing up to fast:( Anyway, it was in the morning and only lasted about 15 minutes, but they were all so cute! Lakin did really good, she sang all of the songs. She apparently was a little upset with me after because in the van, she told me that I didn't clap after the "next" song, that I was just taking pictures..... oops!! Speaking of pictures, of course I was sitting on the opposite side of the room from what she was and I didn't bring my zoom lens because it's such a small room, I didn't think I would need it. Oh, well, at least you can see her.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Emma's Christmas pictures

I took these pictures of Emma yesterday and just had to post them!! And before anyone says anything, yes, I know Emma's ears are bent and that she has a small booger on her nose.... I didn't notice until I looked at the pictures!! I was so mad. Anyway, they are still cute:) I also know I haven't sent out Christmas cards, and at this point, I may not. I haven't even taken the kids' pictures yet! I will do that, but I guess you'll just have to see them on here..... I'll do better next year, I really wanted to send cards out, oh well, I'll just have to settle for showing them off on my blog. Enjoy Emma!!

The one picture that I got her to sort of smile, Lakin sticks her head in the way

If you look real close, you might be able to see her tooth! You can before the picture gets all shrunk, but it's hard to here.