Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July party!!

oh... the 4th of July party.... It turned out pretty good, I thought. Of course, in years past, I was drunk, this year I just drank enough to keep a happy buzz going. It's not as much fun to get drunk by yourself ( darn Jami!!). So even though I wasn't floating in an alcoholic daze, it was still an okay party. It didn't seem that as many people showed up as last year, but there may have been, remember, last year I was feelin pretty good. We had LOTS of food ( and LOTS of food left over) and the fireworks were really good. It took about 10 guys to set them off, but if that's what it takes to make it work, then okay, we know they all had fun. Nothing better than drunk men and fireworks! I got quite a few pictures, but not as many as I would have liked. The bobbing for apples was a lot of fun, and I got some really cute pictures of that. Of course, I'm still trying to dig us out of the mess, but I guess it's worth it ( well, maybe...). Anyway, my computer is deciding to be a retard, and isn't letting me upload any more pictures ( I just don't understand), so I will try to post some more later. I have A LOT of pictures to put up! But here are a few of them for now. Hopefully, later tonight, I'll be able to put up more. Until next year, and then it is ON!! ( my drinking buddy will be back) Vern and Jason
Me and Tracy. It's a little blurry ( that darn night mode), but it's actually me!! I'm IN a picture! Isn't it beautiful?

Payne with a sparkler... doesn't he looked thrilled?

Tracy & Jason

Gavin & Aryssa, trying to fill water balloons .... anyone else hear wedding bells in the future????

our neighbors, Isabelle and her dad, Jacob

Emma & her big sister Lakin

Brooke, saying "cheese!"
Emma... isn't she sweet!!???

Alexis & Aleyah looking very patriotic!

Lakin & Gavin, all ready for the party

Lakin & her Memaw

Lakin & Emma

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