Monday, January 12, 2009

Emma Grace: 9 months ( and baby Taylor Lynn)

9 months already!! She hasn't really changed a whole since last month, but she is doing SO much more!! She's got her teeth ( finally!!), 2 of them, actually. She's crawling, dancing, singing and giving love....awwwww!!! She still has no hair but for the top of her head and still isn't talking as much as she should, but she does make more noise than she used to, so that's good. She can't sit still for a minute and is always wiggling everywhere, which is why these pictures didn't turn out so good. I was trying to keep her from jumping out of the chair with one hand and take pictures with the other.... not really that easy.


* CRAWLING!!!!! she actually does this really funny crab walk thing. Sometimes, she walks on both feet and her hands with her bottom in the air and sometimes it's with one foot and one knee. I got it on a short video that I was going to upload, but I forgot to give it to Jami ( dial-up, remember?)

* two bottom teeth

* dancing..... so cute!! whenever there is music she puts her arms up and starts rocking. She loves CMT!!

* has moved from bbbbb sounds to ddddd sounds. But now she no longer does the bbbb sounds at all.....

* gives "love" by laying her head on your forehead or face.... LOVE it!!!

* makes a kissing noise, but usually after you kiss her, and maybe just to mock you, she loves to mock people. Especially Lakin when she's having a tantrum:)

* She gets really excited about Honey Bun boxes (????)

* Still in size three diapers

* needing to move to 9 month onesies..... but I need to buy some first

* some 9 months still fit ( or 6-12) but most are to short. Mostly wearing 12-18 and 12 months

* Eating lots of different Gerber snacks; still eating 4 oz every three hours or so along with baby food or with a snack first.

* sleeping from 8 or 8:30 until about 6:30.... most of the time

* grew out of her baby carseat!! Doesn't seem to care for her new one as much.

* pulling herself up on EVERYTHING!!!!! She grabs ahold of everything that will support her ( and some that don't) and pulls herself up..... but doesn't know how to get back down yet:)

I can't really think of anything more that's different from last month.....but she's growing like a weed!!

ugghhhh!!!! Help me!!

Baby Taylor Lynn Hillman is here!! Saturday January 10, 2008. 8lbs. 3oz. 21 in. long. Sometime around 9:30.... poor, poor Heather. Baby and mommy are doing great, other than Heather looked exhausted and like she needed everyone to leave so she could get a good sleep. And let me just tell you about that baby's hair!! And Heathers anaesthesiologist!!! OMG, I'm so jealous..... to both!!! First, Taylor's hair... so freakin cute!! I LOVE it!! I just wanted to bring her home so I could play with her hair. I'd even be willing to do all of the newborn stuff and then give her back when she got around three months... just to have her hair!! There is SOOOO much!! And it was so soft and So thick! I want to buy little bows and barrettes for her ( i"m sure I will, too!). I've already told the (very) proud parents I'm making a flower bow for her.... she's like an Anne Geddes (sp?) baby!! Her daddy is so proud and happy.... and very, very nervous. I visited Sunday afternoon and we had a burping, holding, swaddling, lesson.... I want to be a new parent again:( It's so sweet!! John was just soaking up everything anyone could tell him. Heather just looked like she wanted to sleep. Anyway, I got a few pictures and in a few weeks I hope to visit once they get settled at home and take some more... but here's a preview of the newest member of the family.

I HAD to start off with the hair!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random December Pictures ( the last of 2008:( )

December is over and it went SO fast!! So here are the last pictures that I took of 2008. Most of them are of Emma, but she is usually a very willing subject and just so....darn...cute!! I think so , at least:) I have been working on this darn post for 3 days!! I am having the hardest time uploading my pictures for some reason..... it's getting REALLY aggravating!! There is a big error message across the top of my screen so I'm crossing my fingers that this will even post. I'm very likely to scream if it doesn't.

So, big news.... we will have a new member of the family soon!! Hopefully for Heathers sake, by the end of today. I talked to Dad earlier and she was dilated to 2 ( poor girl) and her water is broke. The nurse guesstimated that it would be sometime around 6 this evening. She plans on getting an epidural, though... smart girl!! It's been awhile since I've talked to anyone, so I'm not sure what's happening now. Actually, I'm going to text him now..... I plan on going to the hospital tomorrow so hopefully I'll have some pictures that I can share with everyone of little Taylor Lynn Hillman. Oh... she's dilated to 4 now and she's asleep. Only 6 more centimeters to go!! At this rate it will be 2 am....that's at 2 centimeters every 4 hours. OMG!!! I can't even imagine!! I'm, of course, one of those who have children who fall out. It will probably pick up when she get closer to 10.... I hope!!

November 30, 2008

This picture is actually from November, but I just love these p.j.'s!! They are to short, so I had to snap a picture since she can't wear them anymore.

December 1, 2008

Lakin brought in the month by playing in the snow. She LOVES it!! Just a little more proof that she's no child of mine:) We still don't have a snow suit, so we just layered, but the wind was pretty cold that day, so she didn't last to long. Yesterday she got so upset, she said " mama, the sun's out and it's melting all of the snow!". I told her we would have more today, but I'm really glad we don't:) Gavin, who is definitely my son, came running up to the door after getting off the bus and said " Mommy! It's all sunny and the snow is melting!", he was very excited.... smart, smart kid.
This is her singing and dancing in the snow.These pictures are of Marley chasing the snow. Most small dogs you have to physically force them out the door when it's cold or raining. Marley on the other hand, LOVES it!! Especially the snow. He is out more than in. Unfortunately, he's a very white dog and doesn't take long to get really dirty. He's actually looking really mangy right now. He needs a haircut but I want to wait until it warms up. Anyway, when the wind would blow the snow, Marley would chase it.... he's such a stupid dog.December 4, 2008

This is when she was going into "crawl position" all of the time, but before she would go anywhere.
December 7, 2008

December 10, 2008

This picture of Emma cracks me up. Do any of you remember getting the e-mail about the baby who had a graphic design artist as a dad, with all of the different pictures of the baby changed to look like something else? She's making the same face as that baby.... I think it's funny anyway:)Gavin, Gavin, gavin....... My son has developed a fear of tornado's in the past two weeks ( not that I can blame him). I'm not really sure where this fear has came from, but every night he's coming into the living room and asking if he can sleep with me. After I put him back in bed, he asks if I'll sleep with him. It's about 20 to 30 minutes of reassurance that there will be no tornado's before he stays in his room and goes to sleep. He was especially worried when it warmed up last week because he says " tornado's happen when cold and warm mix".... see where school gets us? Two nights ago, he told me he's been dreaming about the cymbals coming off his drums and cutting him.. GREAT!! So I had to deal with that and the tornado's. He ended up being okay with me covering the cymbals with a blanket. Then last night, he covered them himself and when he was getting in bed, asked me if we locked our doors... where is all this coming from?? I assured him we did, ALL of them, and told him to go to sleep. He only got up once, so that was good. I'm kind of wondering what's going to be next, though. Where is all of this coming from?? I'm a little clueless as to why he has all of these fears all of the sudden. Whatever happened to monsters under the bed???
Gavin got his grade report.... one S, one S-, and the rest were S+'s. Yeah Gavin!!

These two days I took a lot of pictures, but I got my new camera and I had to play with it!
December 11, 2008Lakin's new favorite thing to do for her sister... feeding her.
Yes, I need a new computer chair.........
Another outfit that is now to small. I put her in it and took pictures because it's super cute and I wanted to remember it.We were trying on her Christmas bow to see if it fit yet, and it did!

December 16, 2008 My dog likes to play the keyboard. He'll stare at the speakers and scratch at them, then eventually he'll walk on the keys so that it will make noise. To funny!!

This is one of Emma's new things. She sticks things in her mouth and just moves around with them there. She's especially fond of wipes.

December 18, 2008

December 26. 2008
These are Lakin and her baby's matching pajamas.

She's pulling herself up like a pro!!
December 27, 2008
Vern's grandmother Kirkman came and visited from Tennesee. He hasn't seen her in 4 or 5 years! So she got to meet her great- grandchildren and Vern got to visit his grandma, it was nice. We all hung out at his uncle Vern and aunt Trish's house for the evening.

Vern and Glen ( my Vern's uncles)
December 28, 2008
Emma fell asleep like this, so I had to take pictures. She hadn't quite figured out how to lay herself back down after she sat up:)

He looks sort of like a hairy mole, huh? It's a wonder he can see.
Finally, I don't know if anyone else noticed the sky on the last Sunday in December, but it was gorgeous!! I was in the car on my way home so I called Vern and asked him to take a few pictures ( I, of course, would have done better:) ) but it was so pretty I had to share!