Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random September Pictures

These pictures are in no particular order....I was to lazy to go through and move them around:) There also aren't a whole lot of them...these months are sort of boring...not a whole lot going on in the Ridgway household. With our vacation, Jami's wedding, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coming around I'm sure that there will be plenty of pictures in the next few months!! Gavin in his new glasses.....they are a little crooked, we need to get them adjusted. He thinks they are SOOOO cool.....we'll see what he thinks in a few weeks:)

I think most of these next ones are from Gavin's Birthday party...I didn't get many at all....sorry Gavin;( He did spend almost the WHOLE party in his room building bionicles, though.

I just love this face!:)

We walked in the bedroom and found Bella like this:)

A couple of pictures from Jami's bridal shower....I didn't post most of them, though

I just love this picture!!:)

lakin's first day of school...