Monday, January 25, 2010


Silly Ava and Emma at Denny's after church

Not really sure what was up here...I went to take a picture of Vern and Emma and the other two decided to jump in, too.

Another of her now to small summer outfits that she never wore :( for some reason she REALLY wanted this one off!

silly girl.......another summer outfit...

This is what happens while I'm cleaning the kitchen and the laptop is within reach of Emma :)

Emma and Bella....our VERY laid back cat

This is just one of the many times that my darling angels ( including my husband) our torturing this poor little kitty. This cat was truly handpicked for us. Whoever dumped him/her sure knew what they were doing!! Bella puts up with everything!! She/he has the most laid back tempermant I have ever seen in a one has ever even been clawed! Jack, almost daily, pulls this cat around by his/her tail, yanks him/her off the couch...the toment from the dog is neverending. She/he just takes it like it's his/her duty in life.....maybe it is :)

Here Bella was taking a nice little cat nap in Gavin's game chair...only to be interupted by the most evil of my children :)

poor thing...not even opening an eye...

look at that face...." oh, dear lord, what have I gotten into?!?!"...

Emma finally got bored...and Bella is right back to sleep ! :)

My little singer :)

For those of you who see Lakin often, you know that she sings about everything....and I mean EVERYTHING!!! There is not a day ( or usually an hour) that goes by without her making up a song about whatever is happening at that moment or even just a word she may have heard. This video is from yesterday after church ( no, that isn't what she wore!). She of course never sings the same song twice, and most of her words aren't even real ones...but I think that I will always remember Lakin this matter how grown up she gets :)

Snow Day 2

We were able to get outside the week it finally started to warm up and before the snow melted. 30 degree temperatures were MUCH more comfortable than 19!!! I didn't get many pictures this time because Gavin and Vern decided to build forts so we could have a snowball fight.....boys against girls. It sort of wasn't fair....we had three and the boys only had two, but one of mine couldn't even pick up the snow ( even though she did try REAL hard to throw imaginary balls!!) and the other, being the girly girl she is, cried everytime she got hit...but we still kicked their butts :)

Gavin's "spy" hole :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Random's of 2010 :)


Lakin and Brooke

My Professor

Snow Day!!!

Much to my disappointment, my children wanted to play outside in this definitely didn't pass down through my genes!! I was sort of looking forward to taking Emma out for her first time, though, so I bundled up, grabbed my camera and headed out. Emma LOVED the snow. At first she wasn't to sure, but it only took her a few minutes to get the hang of it...crazy kid! Lakin has always been a fan and even my little hermit ventured out for some play time. We are going to try to go out again this week when it warms up a bit, Gavin and Lakin are pretty anxious to make some snow people. I'm sure I'll have more pictures soon!

P.S. i'm not really sure what the deal is with the picture layout, but I'm to lazy to try and fix it. :)This is Emma's first reaction...I sort of plopped her in a great big drift :) She was like " whoa....what's going on?". " what is this stuff?"
" maybe this isn't so bad!"

My little snow angel ;)