Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well, apparently, my father didn't care for my last blog post... he didn't think it was very funny. Sorry!! I guess not everyone can share my twisted sense of humor. If anyone was offended, I apologize. Next time I'll put x-rated in the title! Anyway, I was going through my pictures and remembered these of the girls that I wanted to post. I just love that I was able to find so many outfits of theirs that match ( well, not exactly, but same colors, print, etc..). I'm not sure why this excites me, but it does. Now I have TWO girls I can dress up and it's even better when I can coordinate their clothing!! Sweet, huh? Poor Gavin, he doesn't get matching clothes... Now what's going to be even more fun is when we can start putting Emma and Ava into all of their matching clothes! They already have at least 4 outfits that are the same. By next summer, I bet they will have bunches!! Fun!! Just imagine all of the pictures we'll have that they will look at one day and say "our mom's were such losers!". Isn't that exciting? Of course, we are buying their outfits to match intentionally, these pictures of my two girls were outfits that I just happened to have for both of them that were matchy-matchy. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to put both of them in their outfits and take a picture! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

what didn't your dad like? the blow job thing? ha! i sure thought it was funny :) i love lakins cute little purple leggins. emma sure looked like a minature josh in the very first picture. well minus his big head. ha! and she's way cuter :) i can't wait to put emma and ava in all their matching outfits!!!!!!!!!