Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy (early) Halloween!!

How's everyone's weekend going? Mine sorta sucks, actually. The cold that I was finally, kind of, sort of getting over is back. Yeah!! Unfortunately, Emma got it so long after everyone else, that by the time the rest of us were getting better or already better, she was just getting started. Double unfortunate, I got it again. I think Lakin may be feeling icky again, too, which really stinks. She's already missed two weeks of school because of it. So far Vern and Gavin are doing okay (knock on wood!). Poor Emma is absolutely miserable! She can't breath and her etes are leakinglots of icky stuff and have developed little rashes under them. I took her to the doctor on Thursday and she thinks it's a cold and a sinus infection. She took a swab of her eye gook to be tested and gave us a prescription for an antibiotic. So far, she's actually worse:) her eyes look a little better, they aren't compleatly sealed shut when she wakes up, but she's still coughing and al stuffed up. Poor baby, when she coughs, she makes this "hrmm" sound after, trying to catch her breath. Every time she sneezes, she screams. She hasn't slept well in a week and last night I think we both got maybe a total of three hours. She finally crashed about 5:30 and slept until almost 8:00, but I'm exhausted! I really want nothing more than to lay down and take a nap..... a really looooooonnngggg one! Sadly, my days of napping ended long, long ago. Emma and Lakin are both sleeping now, but every 5 minutes or so, Emma coughs and wakes herself up. I feel so awful for her. There's just nothing I can do for her and she's SO fussy! I can't wait until it's all over. I've had a can of Lysol attached to my hand for three days. I've really had to restain myself from spraying the kids! By the way, Emma weighed 17 lbs 10 oz at her appt. Hoss! This is our photo shoot turning into a wrestling match

The older kids and I decided to try and do Halloween pictures last week. We didn't include Emma because her eyes looked awful!! I did get some of her on Thursday, though, but just a few. I figured I would get one with all three of them on Friday before we go trick-or-treating. Hopefully, everyone will be feeling better by then. I was a little disappointed with my pictures this year, but Gavin and Lakin are more interested in being silly then they are in being my models. I don't understand!Lakin being silly did work out it a few of the pictures, they just really show who she is. Gavin was really into posing like a "blue ninja" , but there are only so many poses you can take pictures of. I couldn't get him to act silly enough! Such a serious little ninja!! Emma's pictures weren't really planned, but Jami and I wanted a picture of the two of them together. Their first ( of many, I'm sure) joint photo shoot!! Hopefully, the following ones turn out a lot better. Emma wasn't feeling very well and Ava decided to pick that time to sleep...... a really deep sleep:) Emma was REALLY excited about the candy! It was almost like she knew what it was. Uh-Oh! She just kept grabbing at it really, really fast. It was really funny. Of course at Ava's age, they don't do a whole lot except smile ( what I call their "blob" age), and since she wanted to sleep, there wasn't a whole lot of smiling going on. There were only so many pictures I could take. Hopefully by Christmas, we'll get better pictures. Wait! They have matching T-day outfits! We'll have to get them together for that.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Fall Pictures

I took the kids out after Gavin got home and it got cloudy out ( so Emma didn't have to be a mini Josh) and took some more pictures. Emma did good and I got a few cute pictures of her, but the other kids just didn't want to cooperate ( surprise, surprise). So most of them are of Emma, but that's okay. You can't really tell, but she wasn't feeling well. Her poor little eyes are so red and swollen. They are leaking really bad, and have little rashes under them both. Poor baby! Yesterday morning, both of her eyes were compleatly sealed shut:( I'm bringing her to the doctor later today, but I'm sure that they will tell me there is nothing thay can do for her. I'm more worried about her cough. She's had it for over a week, and it's just not going away. Poor baby!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Emm'a Fall Pictures

Oops!! This is actually the only time that she fell today! She was sitting up SO well!! Until this time, anyway. Of course I caught it on camera. She didn't even cry, but it sure was funny!

I took Emma outside today to get some pictures since we weren't able to get them last night. The weather was beautiful!! Unfortunately, it was very sunny and Emma couldn't open her eyes very well, so in every picture, we have major squinting going on. For those of you who know my brother, Josh, well.... OMG!! She looks more like his than mine! She looks really plump and with her eyes all squinted up and her bald head, it's Josh Jr.! It doesn't help that she sort of looks like a boy in that pumpkin shirt, either. Oh well, what can you do. I went out later with Emma and the other two and tried to take some more pictures with all three of them since the clouds were out, but I got very little cooperation from any of them. I'll post them later.
Oh yeah. Gavin got his mid-terms today and got all S+'s except in handwriting he got an N ( needs improvement). He' is pretty sloppy! BTW.... they don't have O's at Gavin's school, S+ is their highest grade. Yeah Gavin... I'm $1.25 poor-er. And.... Emma laughed at a toy for the first time today! It was pretty darn cute!!