Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making cake & cupcakes for Vern's 34th & his "party"

SNOW!!!....Thank goodness it's gone!! ;)

Gavin wanted nothing more than to get outside and play in the snow....and for those select few that know my son well...you know this is unusual! It always seemed that the days we had snow...it was way to cold to play outside ( unless you are okay with loosing a few fingers or toes). Finally...we had a warm up...and a big snow the week ( or couple of weeks straight) before. To make things even better, he had someone over who would play in it with him....and not cry everytime they got hit with a snowball ( I'm not ONLY talking about myself....Lakin cries, too!!!). Also...yes, I realize my children are not exactly dressed for snow play...no worries..I beat myself up over this PLENTY enough for all of you. Not only am I terrible at procrastinating, but I despise winter and just about everything that is associated with it...including playing in the "white devil" ( the playing part isn't what I hate..it's the cold, and the wet, and the snot, and the earaches...blech! ) . So every winter I find myself hearing the pleas of my little angels to go outside and play.....and every winter I find myself searching in vain for snowsuits that no longer can be found since bathing suits have already been for sale since November. Then I have to be that awful mom that tells my kids no....because " you have no snow suit, no snow gloves and no boots", and see their very dissapointed faces as I promise (fingers crossed behind back) to find them some a.s.a.p!!! THIS YEAR will be different...they will have snow gear ( and of course THIS winter it won't snow)..I vow to start searching for it in June!! :)

This is the snow "fort" that Vern made for Gavin when he cleared the driveway...of course by the time it was warm enough for him to actually play on it...it was already half melted :(


OH....and Bella :)



She has no shame!!! If she has a "boooger", she's going to try to get it, and will get very angry if you tell her not to!!

This hat is full of blocks..silly girl..


Making Cookies.....or something.... :)

Time for silly faces!!! :)


These pictures were taken in January...when it was very, VERY cold out. However...I've had spring fever for a long time ( December....) and decided to go through the rather large piles of clothes in my closet that Lakin has grown out of in the hopes of finding some warm weather ones Emma will be able to wear this year. Sadly, even though they were only born about 2mths apart, Lakin was a rather large baby, and is usually wearing one size bigger than her age at the time. Most of her 3rd summer was spent wearing 4's and Emma isn't quite big enough for those yet....which means...I have a legitimate excuse to buy her more this year!!! ;) I also went through Emma's closet to see what could be removed and passed on for her BFF, Miss Ava, to wear this summer ( much to her mother's enjoyment, even though the girls are only 3 mths apart in age, Ava is so tiny, she is a year behind Emma in size..works out very well for those two! ). This was Emma's Easter dress from last year, that she only wore once for a few hours to church. We had our Easter egg hunt on her Birthday, and she had another outfit for that...so I never got any pictures of this dress. It's an 18-24mth. dress, so i figured it was time to send it on it's way...but not before I took a few photos!!! <3