Monday, July 28, 2008

Hendricks County Fair

dawson, going into the something Shack
Me and Dawson on the crazy spinning ride
Lakin in her truck

Gavin, Lakin & Dawson in the spinning bears
Drive, Gavin, Drive....
He always mother like son???

ummm...whatcha lookin at Gav???

Lakin, just cruisin'

So, I'm back..... After leaving the hospital Saturday, we picked up McDonald's and headed back to mom's to feed the kiddies before going to the fair. Of course, Dawson is the only one that eats, but no real surprise. We head to the fair, park pretty close, buy bracelets, and start the night off by riding in boats. Well, the kids do, anyway. The kids rode all of the kiddie rides at least 4 times each, and amazingly, no tantrums, meltdowns, whineniness..yet. Then Dawson and I went off to ride the big rides. This age thing and spinning rides, just doesn't go well together. My stomach just isn't what it used to be. But, I survived and managed not to vomit all over any unsuspecting fellow riders. How bad would that suck? To be hit by fly-back puke while riding a ride, he-he. However, there was a boy who wasn't so lucky, and threw up twice while we were waiting to ride the ride that he was currently not really enjoying... sissy! (J/K, I feel ya brother!) Of course, the carnies idea of cleaning was to sponge up the puke with a black towel..yum!! That was it.. no bleach, Lysol, hand sanitizer... nothing. Gross, huh? We made sure to steer clear of that particular seat, but it makes you wonder..... anyway, that crazy kid ( Dawson, not pukey), just couldn't get enough of this spinning thing! " Go faster, faster, faster...this is awesome!", pretty much is what I heard, along with uncontrollable laughter. For one, my arms couldn't spin any faster, and my stomach couldn't handle it. Poor me:( two of the rides he was DYING to ride he wasn't tall enough for, so that sucks, maybe next year. Lakin tried the kiddie roller coaster and she was hooked! She couldn't get enough. I have a feeling she'll be riding the big rides before her brother is! My stomach better get tough fast, I guess. Anyway, I didn't get a bunch of pictures, but here are a few of the ones I did get, enjoy! Oh yeah, stupid foriegn girl burnt my funnel cake, dang-it!Gavin on the boats
Doesn't Emma look like she's having a blast?
Say cheese!
look, his legs are to long... funny

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Looks' like everyone is having fun