Friday, July 18, 2008

Ava update

They are doing Ava's first surgery today. Actually, they may be doing it as I type. The anaesthesiologist came and talked to Jami a little while ago, and said they had the needle in her head ( I think) and were putting her to sleep. He told her that they would put her in an incubator after and keep her asleep for a few days. Poor baby! Isn't it so scary??!! It makes me sick and want to cry at the same time. If I feel this bad, I can't even imagine how Jami must feel. She's just so tiny! This is the first, of possibly many, surgeries on her belly issue. He said that they are going in on her side and if it's a lot worse than what they think, they may sew her back up and do it later. Jami was pretty confused on all of that. I mentioned yesterday that they won't know the severity of the problem until they get inside to look.
Jami was able to hold her last night and this morning, though!:) She only held her for a little while both times, because she's in quite a bit of pain still. One of the nurses was talking to them about her heart, and along with the big hole, there is a smaller one, but they think that one may heal itself. Poor, poor baby!! Everyone keep on sending prayers her way! As soon as I hear something new, I'll let you know!

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Anonymous said...

she's doing really good right now!!! we're on our way to see her. i can't wait for you to come see her again friday!