Monday, November 29, 2010


Lakin 10-15-10

Lakin got this dress from her mema and of course she LOVED it!! I had a vision of the perfect picture of her wearing it in front of this old barn....unfortunately, the pictures that I have in my head are not what I always catch on camera...this was one of those instances ;( oh well...she still looks cute!!

Emma 10-11-10

Emma 9-26-10

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Emma 10-6-10 & 10-7-10

Notice the bug in her hand..she won't go near a catapillar but grabbed this "praying mantis type thing" right up off the ground!

She is determined to climb a tree...she tries on our "twigs" everytime we are outside! It will be awhile before she gets up one of these things ;)


Gavin's 9th Birthday Dinner

Gavin, given the choice of a restaurant, will usally choose " the Mexican place". His Birthday dinner was no exception ...and you should ignore how AWFUL I look in these photos!! :)