Sunday, July 13, 2008

Harry's company picnic

Michael, playing swords with Gavin ( and falling down)
okay, I know I rotated this one...I'm not sure what happened????

The picture that I didn't rotate first but have no idea how to delete


Gavin & Spongebob

Gavin & his alien gun



Harry ( Vern's mom), asked us to go with her to her company picnic yesterday. They were having a lot of activities for the little kids, and she was bringing Chase and Michael, so she thought Gavin & Lakin would like to go, too. So, Vern and I packed up the kids and drove in to Greencastle. Of course, we were 30 minutes late, which for us, is actually pretty good. I should have told Vern we needed to leave by ten, then we would have been on time:) Anyway, by the time we got there, it was time to eat and of course that's what my husband and Chris wanted to do, but the kids, amazingly, weren't hungry ( they were very thirsty for Mountain Dew and Pepsi, and Lakin inhaled two chocolate chip cookies). We made them wait in line and get some food ( which we threw away, minus cookies), and listened to them whine for 15 minutes about wanting to go slide. There was one of those great big blow up slide thingy's and a great big jumper, too. I wasn't surprised, of course, that all of these older, bigger kids ( dare we say brats??), who's parent's were no where in sight, were just pushing and moving right in front of all of our little kids. Anyone but me ever want to just yell at someone else's kid?? I wanted to go find their parents/grandparents and tell them to control their little hellins', cause the next time they pushed one of my kids out of the way ( or made Lakin yell " stop! it's not your turn yet! (he-he, go Lakin) ), I was going to get in there and push their kid right back! But I didn't, I silently stood by, quietly ( just loud enough for the before said brats to hear) urging my sweet, darling angels, who, by the way, were standing in line and waiting there turn ( even Michael), to be more aggressive and stand their ground. Mommy's got your back!! Anyway, after that we did some sand art, bean bag tossing, more sliding, more M.D's and Pepsi, watched the dunk tank, (which Gavin REALLY wanted to try, but didn't get to), got ice cream, listened to all of the kids 3 and under ( there were 4) cry, usually starting when another one stopped, went on a tour of Harry's building, and met Spongebob. Now, this particular Spongebob, wasn't a very good one, Lakin even informed me when we got home " that was a big Spongebob, it was just a people". He ( she, actually I think) couldn't even fool a three year old. Gavin (gasp!) was the only one who would get close enough to get a picture with him/her, though. Chase just stood staring at him like " who is this idiot?". I don't think he cracked a smile once, even when Spongebob danced for him. After that we left, followed by a big sponge who would say ( in a VERY bad impersonation) " I'm following you", to Lakin every time she looked at him/her. After it scared her the first time, it just wasn't funny anymore. I had this overwhelming urge to push over Spongebob and run ( in the hopes that it would be hard for him/her to get back up, can't you just picture it??). So Lakin looked behind her back the entire way to the car. I imagine this Spongebob has ruined any future encounters she may have with Spongebob ( okay, it's not likely, but you never know). I think next year they should definitely get a new Spongebob! After that, the kids got McDonald's ( they were 'starving" surprise, surprise, I got a coke..yum!) and we went home. Lakin crashed soon after and I mopped my kitchen floor. Fun, Fun!!

So, does anyone have any big plans today? I have a hundred things to do. As soon as my son wakes up, we are going to my mom's. I have to get something to wear for next weekend to Holiday World ( since I can't wear normal shorts and no WAY would I put on a bathing suit in public! Eww!), I have to go to Staples ( or somewhere) and get two cork boards cause' Dawson wants one for his pictures ( so of course Gavin does, too) and I told him I would get him one this weekend. I need to go to Michael's, and I need to get Vern some new swim trunks ( he's seemed to put on a little weight...). I have to go to Sweet Tea ( just cause I've been dying to go back), drop some preggo clothes off to Heather and before I go home, mom and I are going to Sam's for a little grocery shopping. Whew! it wears me out just typing it. considering that's it's almost 9:30, I guess I should wake up my son and get moving. Oh yeah, I guess I promised Gavin we'd go to the "game store" so I'm sure he won't forget, one more thing to add to my list. Everyone have a good Sunday!

Brooke & ChrisChase and Spongebob

Lakin, coming down the slide

Okay, now it's Monday morning, I never got this posted yesterday. So was everyone's Sunday good? I know Jami's wasn't, she didn't feel good, but that's pretty normal for her anymore. Poor Jami:( Only a couple more weeks! I didn't get everything done yesterday, but I did get something to wear, Vern's trunks, and spent a lot of money that I shouldn't have on clothes I needed, but didn't HAVE to have. Oh well, their cute!! Old Navy is having a HUGE sale( trying to make way for Fall stuff), and if I could have I would have went crazy on stuff for the kids, especially things for Emma for next summer. I didn't really go through the adult stuff that well, we had both of the girls with us, but I'm sure I could have found something! Of course, what I bought wasn't on sale, but it looked really cute on, so I couldn't say no! Then of course I just wanted to "look" in American Eagle, since I hadn't been in there in forever, but it's almost impossible for me to go in a clothing store and not walk out with something. Oops! Anyway, I didn't go to Sweet Tea ( probably a good thing $$$) and didn't get cork boards ( sorry, boys!), didn't get those clothes to Heather ( one day), and didn't go to Sam's ( to late). Doesn't seem like I got a whole lot done, huh? We started late and had both the girls, so all I did was go to three stores and spend money that I wouldn't have if I would have only went where I needed to. Oh, well. I did get to the "game store" though, where Gavin really made out ( again $$$), so I got a few things done, I guess. It wasn't a completely wasteful day. I did try to find a bathing suit to wear under my clothes at Holiday World, and had a hell of a time. Let's face it, I can no longer wear a small bottom and not show my whole bottom. EEK!! Of course, no one had any. Target had a few, but no tops that matched any bottoms ( of course) or they were XS or XL. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one I'd only wear like once ( and not even use to swim), but my old ones just don't fit anymore. Of course ,when I explained this to my husband, I had to sit there and listen to him argue with me about the size of my butt. He swears it hasn't grown..HELLO!! Are we looking at the same ass here? I know the one I see everyday has increased considerably in it's size, no small is fitting on here with out squeezing and bulging..yuck! Anyway, the one I ended up getting, was a small bottom, but looked larger than my other smalls, more coverage. I bought it with out trying it on, but did try it on at moms. Let's just leave it at I'm having mom return it. I guess I could buy one of those with a skirt....he/he. Anyway, I'm not going to be able to swim anyway because of my new best friend Maxi Pad, but that's okay, I didn't really want to be seen in my post baby glory. I'll just sit and work on my tan, listen to my MP3 player ,and read a book while everyone else swims. Maybe they will have a baby pool I can cool my legs in??? Well, everyone have a good Monday, instead.

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