Monday, July 7, 2008

More 4th of July pic's.

Aryssa, watching the bobbing, but not willing to try
Chase & Elizabeth
Chase, look at that face!
Gavin Michael

Okay, so I'm a computer genius and fixed my Internet... it's amazingly easy when they give a big RESET button, huh? I'm uploading 5 pic.'s at a time ( for my computer, that's a HUGE improvement!)! Yesterday's pic.'s took FOREVER, because I could only do 1 at a time, or it wouldn't go through. Stupid! It's going SO much faster today, I'm almost done!

Anyway, on to other news. I'm going to take Emma's 3 month chair pictures later, because I didn't have time on Saturday ( and haven't really since). I'll try to get them posted before today's over. She hasn't changed to much, but it's still fun to compare pictures.

Tomorrow, I have to go see good ol' doc. Clark. I'm REALLY not wanting to go. What I want to do is cancel my appointment, but I know I can't. I'm scared, really. I know it will be fine, but it's sort of like going to the dentist, you never look forward to it and in my case know it is going to hurt! Let's just hope that this is enough to make it go away forever! I'm definitely not real eager to keep doing this.

By the way, I have been swatting fly's since Saturday night ( well, early morning Sunday), and they just won't die! It amazes me how fast they breed, that can be the only explanation. For every two I kill, there are 4 more, ugh!! nasty, nasty little insects!

Isabelle, cheesin
Isabelle and her mama, Coty
Dawson's turn to bob...since they showed up WAY late!! ( Thanks Jen!)
My husband playing volleyball...well, I think they were trying, anyway

Aleyah and Lakin
Josh, joining in the bobbing fun
Harry & Kizzy
Alexis, are you cold?

Micheal used his hands and took a bite out of all of his, then put them back in. Whatever works.
Awww... Aleyah got an apple
I just like this picture...

Don't get water up your nose, Payne!
He got it, with his hands behind his back
Gavin.... two for one. Rachel taught him and Payne to cheat by grabbing the stems.

Lakin, " drinkin ice cold cherry"... Pepsi. Good pepsi advertisement, huh?
Get that apple, Lakin!
She got it!

Brooke, breakin it down to the music
Brooke & Kizzy

Gavin, Alexis, and Payne, swimmin in the freezin water ( Gavin later removed the floaties and leaned to swim under water!! Now you can't keep him above.)

" It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."

- Henry David Thoreau

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Anonymous said...

You needed a picture of your father bobbing for apples.