Monday, February 16, 2009

Ava & Emma's 1st Valentines

Here are some more V-day pictures. Jami and I wanted to take pictures of the baby's together for their first Valentines..... of course it didn't go quite as planned. When Emma and I got to their house, Emma decided she wasn't going to be completely okay with being somewhere she didn't she cried......and cried....and cried....... Ava was tired but seemed to be in an okay mood, so I took some pictures of her while Emma had a bottle, hoping that when Emma finished, she'd be a bit happier. Well, miss smiley Ava, who smiles all the time, refused to smile at all. That's okay... Emma's never smiles in her pictures, either:) Jami didn't like any of the pictures I took, so she'll be mad that I put them on here, but I thought that they were cute. But, she sees Ava at her cutest, so when you get pictures that don't show it off 100%, she probably won't like them. I'm the same way. BUT............. I took them, and I like them!!!!! So I'm going to show them off. I think she looks THERE, Jami!!!! The pictures of the two of them together definitely didn't quite work out, but they are so funny!! Emma never did stop crying. I swapped the bottle for her cup......well, you'll see in the pictures how that went:)

This is first sitting them together.... everything's going okay...........Ava thinks....."hmm... what's this??"
Emma..." what is this chick doing??!!"
Emma.... " Hey!! Somebody get this baby off my cup!!!"
This is the end result..... Isn't it funny!!! Poor baby's.....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day 2009!!

Here are some Valentines pictures of Emma and Lakin from a little photo-shoot ( I tried) I had. Lakin HAD to wear this bow in her hair because Emma had something on hers, which would have been okay if she would have let me brush it first! So she has crazy hair and crazy, cheesey smiles in most of her pictures..... she has a hard time giving natural smiles during pictures, she over does it just a bit. ( except in the first pic. It's perfect:)!!) Emma wasn't exactly cooperating, she just wanted to get down and play. But I think there are a few cute ones... some of them are just silly.

P.S.. Gavin is not a part of these pictures because, and I quote, " I don't care about's for girls".


These are pictures of Gavin and Lakin making their Valentines for school this year.Lakin has a newly acquired skill of writing her own name, so she filled hers out all by herself!! She worked so hard and was so proud of them...... and didn't even get to go to school on Thursday because of the 2-hour delays ( no school for her when there are delays). Apparently they were worried about the buses floating away......Hopefully they will have it on Tuesday, instead.

Not sure what this picture is about........

These are of Emma in the pantry after one of the kids left the door open... she loves it in there!

" what mom???"

Look at this mess..........

Here Emma got a piece of cookie that Lakin had dropped and I didn't have the heart to take it from her... she would have been mad!!! Anyway, I got a few cute pictures ( and Oreo in my hair) out of it:)

These are just some random pictures of Lakin while I was playing with my camera

Monday, February 9, 2009

Emma Grace: 10 months!!!

10 months!! I have REALLY got to get on the planning of the Big day!! only a month and 1/2 left!! EEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway..... again, not my greatest pic.'s but she is impossible to sit in a chair! That is why there are a lot of close-ups.... I had to hod her with one hand:) ( pay no attention to the blue onesie under her clothes:) It was a flaw in the clothing department....)


* still eating 4-5oz in a bottle
* eats about 1 to 1 1/2 jar's of baby food at lunch and dinner
* starting to eat very small pieces of "people" food..... LOVES chocolate... of course
* drinks from a straw... actually she was doing that at about 7 months, I think
* LOVES french fries... of course. But likes to stick the whole thing in her mouth and chokes, so she doesn't get them often.... from me anyway.......daddy!
* has developed a TERRIBLE habit of only sleeping for 4 hour periods at night..... I'm SOOOOO tired!!
*wearing 12-18, but that is to big, but 9 mths and 6-12 are to short
* still prefers her mommy, but is getting much better with other people
* lays her head on my shoulder when there is someone here she doesn't know well.....awwwww!!!
* claps ( did I put that last month?)
* " cruising" on furniture and has stood for a few seconds on her own before falling
* still not saying much..... babababab and dadadad sounds... that's about it.
* LOVES bath time
* taking 3 naps
* Loves to dance with me and to spin. You can get a laugh every time:)
* Likes when you sing
* fascinated by CMT ( the only T.V she pays any attention to, even if it is only for a few minutes)
can't quite wave bye-bye, but we are gettin there. She puts her hand up and just kind of looks at it, like she's trying to figure out how to make it work
* LOVES the dog food bowls. Especially the water bowl!!
* knows there is water in the toilet.... yes, she stuck her hands in it
* LOVES< LOVES< LOVES Mister ( our cat)!!!!! She will squeal and go right after him everytime she sees him. However the feeling is not mutual

I can't think of anything else right now. Enjoy her pictures!!

I have a picture of me that looks almost exactly like this one ( my face was a lot fatter, though)