Monday, September 29, 2008

LOTS of pictures of Lakin and Emma ( in the CUTEST outfit!!)

I just love close up pictures! Don't you just want to kiss her little mouth?? I can't ever get enough of Emma's HUGE grin!
Ummm.... Mom???Okay.... I'm getting bored

Isn't this outfit adorable?!
I HAD to post this picture! Look at that face!awwww...... sweet little bows

and the ruffles on her bumm
So did everyone have a good weekend?? I hope so! I went shopping, like I told you I was, and spent WAY to much money..... but it was FUN!! I don't feel as if I got it entirely out of my system.. not even a little bit actually. I kind of ( well, REALLY) want to go back again today! Maybe not to Edinburgh, but shopping!! I'm not kidding when I say that I think I'm developing a problem. I do honestly think (actually, know) that I could go EVERY day and not be bored with it! EVER!!!! I want to buy clothes!! Shoes!! Bags!! Makeup!! Perfume!! Socks!! UNdies!! Bras (well, maybe not bras)!! Boobs!! Then Bras!! I just want to buy and buy and buy and BUY!!!!!!! I'd buy for all of you ( well most of you anyway:) , too!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Help me!!! IT's eating me alive!! Okay..... I don't feel better, maybe it's not eating me alive, but..... SHOPPING would make me feel better!! Anyway, Jami and I went to Edinburgh Sunday morning and did a little clothes shopping for the kids and myself. I guess that's just the kids, cause' I didn't actually buy anything for myself. Wait, I DID buy a really cute sweater as a last minute impulse right when we were leaving. Lakin got lots of clothes and so did Emma, who I said MANY times I wasn't buying for unless I LOVED it, because she doesn't need any more winter clothes.... BUT....I.....COULDN"T ....... HELP.........IT!!!!!!!!!!! I knew that Carter's would get me, and it did..stupid, stupid Carters! Stupid me, too, because I had a 20% off coupon and I FORGOT it!! I could have saved at least $40! I was (and still am) SOOOOOOOOO mad at myself! Urggghhhhh!! Lakin adored her clothes and she is just too cute!! when I got to mom's to pick up the kids, I brought in all of my loot to show off and Lakin was just all smiles and oohs and "oh my God's" (we're working on that). After I pulled it out to show, she showed her memaw and papa then placed everyone's clothes in seperate piles. NO ONE was able to touch any of those clothes except for her... even if they were Gavin's or Emma's! They had specific piles and were not to be disturbed. After she had them all arranged to her liking, she then showed her mema and papa her clothes AGAIN! Then she decided to have a mini fashion show.... even with her new panties. After trying about half of her things on, she settled on a two piece sweatsuit that she was particularly fond of. Even though it was 80+ degrees outside, she insisted on wearing it home. She fell asleep in the car and when we got home after she woke up a bit, wanted her clothes to show to her dada. So she showed him everything.. her's, Gavin's and Emma's, put everything in piles again and tried a few things on. Re-arranged her piles again, gave her mama and dada hugs for all of her clothes, and played with her clothes for about another hour and FINALLY let me hang everything up. Of course, first thing this morning, she asked for all of her and Emma's clothes and wanted to play with them again. I was mean and said no.

These are of Lakin pouting and then her silly faces

oops... repeat picture

Hey Jami, remember " would you still be my friend if......"
Anyway, I took these pictures today just because I LOVE this outfit that Emma's wearing! It's definitely one of my fav-o-rites! It's 9 months and fits her really well, so I wanted to make sure I got some pictures before it's to little, even though I'm sure she'll wear it lots, because ,again, I LOVE it! She'll be out of it way to soon, but then I can pass it on to miss Ava who should be just perfect for it around the end of winter. Then I'll get to see it again!:) I tried to get Lakin to join, but she didn't want to. She did want to stick her feet in Emma's face, though and when I told her not to, she got mad at me. Then I told her to move her polka dotted butt, and I guess I hurt her little feelings because she went to her room and cried:( She came back and I asked her what was wrong and she said " you won't let me up on the bed" ( sobbing). I told her she could get on the bed she just couldn't put her feet in her sister's face. I'm a horrible mommy! So she climbed back up and hid from the camera every time I tried to take her picture, but I did get some of her pouting. After a while she cheered up and made some funny faces for me... Enjoy my pictures!!!
Isn't this precious??

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Anonymous said...

oooooh that is a cute outfit! i love this last one of emma... and the one with the funny face, and the second one, and the one that makes her ears look really large :) i just love them all. she's got the prettiest big ol' eyes!!! she does look a lot like lakin to except lakins head/face is shaped different. i enjoyed your pictures and once again it's just me that's left a comment :) i want to go shopping right now and everyday too btw. i think we just need to win the lottery!