Monday, September 8, 2008

Emma at 5 months ( and 3 days, well 1 in the picture)

Well, Emma is 5 months old!!! Crazy, huh? If these past 5 months have went this fast, we will be looking at 1st birthday pictures before you know it! Hopefully, she'll have more hair by then:) Anyway.......
- Back to eating 4 oz every 4-5 hours
- NO LONGER sleeping through the night!! Waking up at around 1:30 and again arond 4:30-5:00
- Refuses to let ANYONE other than myself or her dad ( sometimes) touch her
- Cries even when someone other than myself, Vern, Gavin, Lakin, Dawson talks to her ( and apparently Josh, if she feels like it)
- still not rolling over from back to belly, but does get half way
- still not making any more noises
- cries 50% ( maybe 75%) of the day
- lays down by herself for naps, but has decided that someone has to lay with her at night and hold her hands. This usually ends up being about a 45 minute process ( Ican't wait until I can just let her cry herself to sleep! Ferberizing or something like that)
- tolerates baths just long enough for you to wash her, noticing that when she kicks, that it's different in water!
- wants to be sitting up at all times ( very hard to work on rolling!)
- ADORES her brother and sister!!!!!
- Smiles often 9 well, when she's not crying
- has developed fear of vacuum, cries VERY loudly, unless you hold her while doing it
- still no teeth
- still HATES cereal
- likes to grab at faces ( and hair) but trys to put EVERYTHING right into her mouth
- really enjoys the wee wee wee part on this little piggy
I REALLY love my little Emma Grace, but sometimes, she makes it really hard to like her. For those of you who have spent nore than 10 minutes with her in the past month, you understand why. I really do love her though, I just won't miss this crying phase one bit! I blame it on her father, by the way. I was a good baby:) The antisocial thing could ease a little, too, that would be okay!
P.S. ignore the drool spot on her shirt!

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Anonymous said...

im not sure, did you ever figured out who left that one? my grandma has left a few but she always puts them at the end??? i keep telling her not to but i think she forgets. anyways i'm going to go pack my bag for me and ava's first over-nighter :) see ya wed.