Thursday, September 25, 2008


Happy Autumn everyone! Are you all as excited as I am about the upcoming cold (Brrrrrr.....) weather???? Okay, I'm only joking ( I know, not funny), I actually DESPISE cold, BUT, Fall, I love!! I love the colors, the smells, the days that are just slightly chilly and brisk (yes, I just used brisk in a sentence), you know, sweater days. I love the Covered Bridge Festival, carving pumpkins, and trick-or-treating, especially if the weather is like it was last year. Halloween may very well be my favorite holiday! I love decorating my yard with the kids and decorating my kids!! I love pumpkin patches, hay rides and corn mazes. Hot apple cider with caramel. Pretty fall sweaters for the girls and myself. I don't really look forward to the end of fall, because then we always have a VERY long wait until spring, which I also LOVE!!

Ahhhh!!! Mommy, help!!!
These pictures of the girls were takin yesterday. Emma was taking a nap ( yes, in my bed, gasp!) Emma had woken up, but wasn't crying. She was just in there playing with the blankets and talking to herself. Lakin decided to go on in there. When I went in there to see what she was doing, she had her sister in this position, at the end of the bed. She started out on her back at the top of the bed. Lakin said " here you go mama, you can have her". Thanks!!

Not really sure about this picture of Emma. She just sort of looks funny, almost like she's sitting in a chair...... I'm not really sure why I posted it, but I DID!!!!!

I haven't blogged this week and think I may have been having withdrawls. I just didn't really have anything very blog worthy to write about.... I should make things up! That would be fun! Unfortunately, I'm not feeling very creative, either. So I took a lot of pictures and I'm going to post those! While I'm waiting on their upload ( which could take awhile), I'll bore you with whatever I can think of. Hmmmmm.... ahhh, I know, a wonderful topic. Men and PMS!! I don't mean them having to deal with ours, I mean THEIR PMS. Ugh!! It's 10 times worse than mine, I swear! I'm sure all of you females know what I'm talking about, Jami and I have had this talk before. They (men) have these brief periods, that happen about once a month or so, sometimes bi-monthly, that they are just plain bitchy!! Not grouchy.... bitchy. I mean they will complain about everything!! It's just not the complaining, it's the whole attitude. It's like all of their feminine hormones come raging to the surface at once and they just can't handle it. Of course, they don't realize it and are NEVER doing anything wrong ( even though my husband does laugh about this subject). JUST like the stero-typical female having PMS. Men are worse, I would bet on it. My particular PMS isn't really that bad, just a little moody, nothing to dramatic. Most people would not even notice. Unless your Jami, then the day I start, when you call and I say "Hello", you'll then say " you started didn't you?". Yes she can apparently tell just from my voice saying hello. Scary, isn't it? She's usually right, too. Any opinions on this topic...... I will post your thought on my next blog:) It will be like a radio show.... kind of... okay, not really. And yes, if your wondering, my husband is currently experiencing some MAJOR P.M.S.!!

Emma laughed at Peek-a-Boo on Tuesday night! She actually he-hee'd. Awwwwww... too cute!! She figured it out pretty fast though and every time would pull and grab at my hands covering my eyes. She's a genius already!!!! She'll rid the world of all diseases:) Can you believe that she will be 6 months in, like, a week??? Okay, two weeks, but still!! That means that she will have lived HALF of her first year of life, that it will all fly by even faster from that moment, that I will have to start planning her birthday party........... AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I can't handle it, I really just can't. That, of course, is why I'm just going to keep reproducing.... over and over and over and over................... okay,not really, but I HATE it!

Also on Tuesday night, Gavin wrecked his go cart. He rolled it, actually. I know! Scary, huh? I was sitting on the couch with Emma and Gavin came to the door crying. He wasn't crying hysterically, like " I just flipped my go cart" hysterically, just like he had gotten in trouble for something, crying. He came in and said " I just wrecked my go-cart" AHH! He said " it rolled all the way over on it's top and Vern heard me crying and ran over cause I couldn't get my seat belt off", all in one breath. He was fine. Hurt his thumb and bumped his elbow. He was mostly just scared. Poor guy, he cur;ed up on the couch and didn't move. He did want to brag, though, and asked to call his memaw.... already trying to get as much sympathy as possible:) Scary, scary! Vern said that he was in the front yard and knew something wasn't right from the sound, so he started to walk around to the back when he heard Gavin yell. He just figured that he had hit something, Gavin doesn't always pay that close attention to where he's driving. When he came around the corner of the house, he saw him on his side, and kinda freaked a bit. So he ran down there. Thank goodness for a roll bar and seatbelts!! LIke I said, he was fine, but I have a feeling it's going to be a while before he gets back on. He's not the " get right back up and shake it off" type of kid. Maybe he'll slow down around those corners!

So, I'm going SHOPPING ( picture musical notes surrounding the words) this weekend! I LOVE shopping, but don't we all??!! Okay, so I'm always kind of shopping just about everytime I leave the house, but I'm going shopping, shopping Sunday. Lakin needs winter clothes and so do I. My hubby has given the go ahead. I NEED to get it out of my system before winter gets here. I think he understands me enough to get that. Those 6 months of cold are awful!! Then it's only paying the bills and necessity's. Blah... no fun!! That of course is why I've went a little shop crazy this summer.... last winter was HARD! I had to go, like, 5 whole months without buying Lakin ANY clothes..UGH!! So my theory is stock up now while we have the money:) I'm cutting myself off with Emma, she already has a bunch. As long as she doesn't grow to much, we'll be good. Gavin needs some more long sleeved shirts, but I already went school clothes shopping for him. Besides, he's a boy... a boy who will only wear VERY particular items. So this weekend, it's my favorite thing to shop for.... LAKIN!!! I just LOVE to buy her clothes! And she gets So excited and really appreciates it. You could get her a rock and she would say "oh, thank you mama! I love it!" . She's so funny! Speaking of Lakin, school is going great! She's really enjoying it. BTW, say Happy Birthday to Johnny Appleseed... they had an apple tasting party for him today. She didn't like the apple juice and wouldn't try the apple pie. I'm putting up mostly pictures of her. These are from Tuesday. We were enjoyng one of the few days left that are warm enough to play with the hose. So I took pictures.. and video, but of course, I can't upload that:( Anyway, hope everyone is having a GREAT first week of Autumn! I'll be sure to share all of my loot from Sunday with you!She's trying to figure out how it works....
Did you notice???? Lakin is wearing a ponytail!!!!!

A joke, told by Gavin: What is a cheerleader's favorite food? Cheer -ios!!

awwwwww.... look at dirty Gumms' bow......

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Anonymous said...

those pics of miss ann are adorable. she's soooo pretty :) her hair looks cute too :) i can't wait to do ava's hair. since she's going bald from laying on her head all of the time i guess i'll just have to buy the 15.00 head bands. hehehehe. i'm serious though. i can't wait till sunday either, even though i'm on a very small spending limit and i already spent 80 of it. ohhhhh how i wish eric was working right now! oh well at least i'm able to get out of the house/ hospital for a bit.