Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Grandma Minivan

I am officially an owner of a Clearwater Blue, Chrysler Town & Country minivan. Lets just say I wasn't jumping up and down last night...but I love and appreciate my husband VERY much!! I could have ended up with something much worse. If it wasn't a van, it would be really cool! It has duel DVD, climate control for front and back, all backseats recline ( which Gavin will love), those little yellow and white plug things that you can plug video games and other things into in the 3rd row along with power converter, stow and go seating, power everything, including rear windows that roll down, back up camera, 6GB hard drive memory so you can save up to 12 CD's on the radio, all the options, like picture and MP3 player,basically everything. But it's a van. It wasn't THAT bad driving it, I couldn't even tell that it was a van. It was definitely easier with the kids!! Getting Emma in and out is worth every time I feel like a Grandma driving it! Don't make fun of me when you see me driving! :) One thing it doesn't have, which I was VERY disappointed about is the U connect feature. I read about it in the book last night and ran right outside ( coyote's and all) to try it. All it is is a hands free device that transmits your phone through your car speakers..fun!! That really was the one thing that I was most excited about, that would have made the van worth it. But of course when I push the phone button to sync my phone to it, it said it wasn't U connect capable:( I was SO mad! I think I might see if we can have that added on....... Oh, yeah... the kids (no surprise) love it. It was "sweet" and "awesome" in my son's words. They won't think so in about 10 years, I bet! Also, I don't really love the interior color, I think gray would have been MUCH better...duh!! Gray and blue..... I can't believe that it's just not something that is done with all of the blue vehicles. Idiots.
yes, I was listening to Howard Stern. pretty funny, actually, but definitely not something to listen to with the kids!

whoops, forgot to turn it

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Anonymous said...

i had to log on to your blog to see it! it's not that bad. i like everything in it, that's pretty cool! i can't wait to see you drive it though. that's going to be HILARIOUS! i'm scared me telling eric about it is going to put ideas into his head. sorry though not happening, at least gotta be 30 :) that's pushing it. anyway van owner, they're getting ready to put a camera down the tube to take a look at ava's lungs. not sure what's going on with them and she keeps de-sating. hopefully this will give us some answers and they can start winging her off this darn vent. she's been on it so long i'm scared shes going to forget how to breathe. anyway call ya in a bit!