Monday, October 6, 2008

Emma Grace: 6! Months

Okay........ Emma turned 6 months old yesterday. I know!!! Crazy!! Only 6 more months and she'll have made it through her first year of life. I am definitely going to cry on her birthday! But...... I am really excited about planning her party! I've already found the PERFECT cake!! Actually, 3 or 4 of them, now I just have to narrow it down and find someone to make it. These are definitely THE cutest cakes and I can't wait for everyone to see which one I choose in 6 months! Now I just have to decide which party to have the pony rides at........ maybe for that one I should have a joint party with Lakin so she won't feel left out. Better yet, with Jami and Ava so Jami can pay for half of it!! Of course it will be more for us than them:) Our 6 month photo shoot didn't go quite as gracefully as I would have liked. This girl just won't sit still!! She almost came out of the chair a few times. I posted some of those pictures, too:) Anyway.........

Emma Grace at 6 months:

- still eating 4 oz. every 3-4 hours ( someday she'll eat more and less often...)
- still not returning to her much loved habit of sleeping through the night:(
- wakes 2-??? ( that means numerous) times at night
- now likes her cereal
- first diaper rash ( that just..won't..go..away!!)
- still in sz. 2 diapers
- 0-3 onesies
- 6 month pajamas
- 6-12 and 9 mth clothes are fitting REALLY well ( which stinks because we have at least 5 more months of cold left and she may outgrow all of her wonderful clothes by then!)
- STILL not rolling over..... I KNOW!!
- sitting up for short periods of time by herself
- the " crying all of the time" phase is, thank goodness, complete!!:) ( except when she's with mom:) which brings us to....
- her first failed sleepover..... she went to mom's and cried for the ENTIRE time, so we had to come and get her... but we did get to go out to dinner!! Thank's mom!
- the stranger anxiety thing is still with us, but sometimes she does okay. You have to get her in the PERFECT mood.... or don't touch!
- first baby food on the 4th ( carrots, which I will post pictures of later)
- reached for her...... MAMA!!!!! she did this yesterday. It was SO great!
- laughed out loud as peek-a-boo
- she now likes baths, but I may have put that last month...

I can't think of anything else that she's done this month....... i wasn't very prepared today and I should be cleaning, not on the computer. I HAD to get this posted today, though! Enjoy the pictures!

Not really sure about this one......
okay, mom, time to get movin!!

She decided that she was going to eat the chair instead of pose for pictures

Is that good, Emma???
my mouths getting tired
okay...... a few more pictures
I'm getting bored already
ooohhh... look! A bow!
Stop!! No more pictures!
Give me that camera! I said no more pictures!!Fine..... I'll just get down

repeat picture...... I still don't know how to delete


Anonymous said...

She is SSSOOO cute. I bet mom was very upset that she did not stay. What have you put on her rash? Anyway I love you and give the kids a kiss from me!!
Love, Rachel

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Rachel, she is too freaking cute!! Does Emma look like Lakin did at the same age? You should put up a side by side picture of the two at the same age so we can compare. :) Why did you take off her slippers after the first picture? :)