Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lakin's 3rd day of school and Gavin's sleepover

Okay, I cried for the first time taking Lakin to school today. I'm starting to cry again now! Last night before bed, she said she didn't want to go to school, but this morning, she got dressed, ate breakfast, all with out any problems. When it was time to leave, she told me a few times she didn't want to go and started crying. I carried her out to the car and on the way she was fine. We got there and she got out of the car and asked me if she liked school, so of course, I said yes. We walked inside, she smiled, everything was going good.... about halfway down the hallway to her room, she stopped. I had to pull her in there. Then she started crying, holding on to me. The teacher came over ( from another little boy who was on the floor crying) and took her. Oh, it was awful!! She was screaming, and she can scream VERY loud, and reaching for me..... I'm an awful mother. I cried the whole way home. She just did so good last week! We didn't have any problems at all. I feel terrible! I wanted so badly just to say "okay, let's go home, we'll try it next year". But I didn't, and I'm sure she'll be fine, and I know that I did the right thing making her stay ( even though mom will tell me otherwise). My problem with this is that the only reason I'm having her go this year instead of waiting until next year, is because she was so excited to go to school! But now, not so much. So since she's not wanting to go anymore, do I make her go to a pre-school that she doesn't necessarily need, or let her quit???? I just don't know! With Gavin, it was different. He was 5 and needed to go for a year before kindergarten. Lakin just turned three, and one year before Kindergarten would be fine for her,too. But if I let her quit will she think that next year if she doesn't like it, she can quit then, too? Ahhhhhhhh.... this is so hard! I know she'll get used to it, even the lady at the door said that it usually takes 10 days to two weeks. I need to at least give it that long. Besides, I already payed the tuition for this month, which isn't cheap, so I think I should at least make her try it until the end of the month, then maybe if she still isn't liking it, let her quit then?????? I just don't know what to do! I need advise form someone other than my mother, who is just going to tell me how awful I am for making her Lakin cry. What do I do, what do I do??????????????? These three hours are going to really d..r..a..g.. by. I need to call and see how she's doing. I think I'll do that.

At least he took the time to smile.... Oh, and notice his missing front tooth!Gavin and Michael, their pose for most of the evening

Payne and Dawson looking for dinosaur bones in the rocksDawson playing Halo, which he isn't a big fan of, but all the other boys were

Okay, Gavin had a sleepover Saturday night for his birthday! That's right, my baby's 7! Of course, Vern really thought he was eight, was almost actually arguing about it, he said 6 seems awfully young.... well, he was! Now he's not anymore...so sad. Anyway, Dawson, Payne and Michael came over on Saturday and spent the night with him. I took Dawson and Gavin to Blockbuster earlier to let them pick out some games. Of course, that's all they did all night, especially Gavin and Michael. I don't think those two moved from the T.V. until I made them go to bed. Payne and Dawson played outside quiet a bit, like normal little boys. We got pizza from pizza hut and I think it turned out pretty okay. I took a few pictures, but when they are glued to the T.V., there's only so many poses you can get! Gavin was supposed to get his present from us on Sunday, but we ran into some problems, but.... Vern was able to get it yesterday, and he loves it! At first he ran off, yelling, telling us to take it back, he doesn't like it, it's to loud, but he finally relented and said he'd take Lakin for a ride ( it's a go-cart, BTW). Once he got in it and actually drove it, he didn't want to get out. He LOVED it! He rode it until it stopped working. That's right, it stopped working. Vern said something about a fuel filter and a carburetor.... blah, blah. Basically, he says it's not a big deal. Gavin wants to ride it as soon as he gets home, and Lakin wants to drive it , too! ( but, sadly, we won't let her:( ) Anyway, here's some pictures from the worst mom ever!!

Gavin's Birthday present!!

I've picked up Lakin from school, and she's fine, no lasting damage at all. She smiled and yelled " mommy!" and hugged my legs. She wasn't even mad at me. She said she cried at the door " cause she didn't want to go to school" but she was okay. They are pretty good at giving them their space and letting the kids decide when they are going to participate. They had to tiptoe so they didn't wake up the sleeping bear, counted cars as they parked them, drew lines for a road, sang a song called Riding in My Car, and she got to bring home the school bus that they painted last week, which she is SO excited for everyone to see on Sunday! ( it's on her bedroom door) They are learning about transportation this month, if your wondering about all of the car, bus, road things. They are also learning about the letter T. Things like this just make me think that I'm doing the right thing making her go to school. By the time the year is over, she'll probably know all of her letters on sight and even some of their sounds. Those are things they teach them in the first half of Kindergarten. I really just love this school! I would definitely recommend it to anyone (well, if they live out here) ! They taught Gavin so much, even his Kindergarten teacher said most of the things they taught were just review for him, and he only had one year of preschool! ( He got a 100 on his first two spelling tests, by the way) So, if any of you are to move out in my area, and decide to put a little one in school, this is the one! I would LOVE to send the kids there for kindergarten, but that is WAY to high. We can't afford that. Maybe we'll hit the lottery in the next two years:) We will try again tomorrow and hopefully the morning goes better! p.s. I already got lectured because I left Lakin screaming at school by you-know-who! p.p.s. Happy Birthday again Dad (yesterday)

Oh, yeah. Ava is getting her heart surgery tomorrow. I'm not sure what time yet, but they decided that it's going to be in her best interest to do it sooner rather than later since she's just not gaining enough weight. Poor baby! The hole is just to big for her little body to handle it. Everyone start praying!! I'll let you all know how it goes, I'm going up there to be with Jami during the surgery, so as soon as I get home, I'll update everyone!

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lol, your mom makes me laugh. yes i agree with you, you should at least wait until the end of this month. That will give her a little more time to get used to it. She'll love it again, which it sounds like she already does. Awwwww you didnt tell me Gavin lost his front tooth. He's smiling, like in three or four pics! wow :) give him a big late birthday kiss for me btw, i forgot to have you do it sunday!