Monday, September 15, 2008

Emma Grace 9-15-08

"uggghhhh... mommy..."

Trying to get the camera

Just wanted to put up these pictures of Emma. I think I'm having guilt over my comment in the other blog about pre-Emma peace:) BTW.... I may have an "uncool mom van" by the end of the week:( I know it makes sense, I just can't get excited about it!) Vern is in the workings of a deal. He thinks they may have made one............. I should be jumping for joy about a new vehicle, but I LIKE my Yukon! I'm sure my life will be made easier with this, this.... minivan..... The one that he is looking at has duel DVD players, back up screen, Navigation... all the bells and whistles, but it's an old lady light blue..yuck. Unfortunately, to get a decent dark blue, I have to give up navigation and back up screen... but it costs less, too. Do I really want to give up my inside luxuries over color???? I think I just might. As long as it's nothing major, that is. " What is that thing on your face, mom?"

My " Rock & Roll Princess"
She's trying so hard, but she just can't get over!!!! Reach!!!!!!!

Well, she never made it over, but she did get her sister!! Lakin, apparently, has a rather tough scalp.
P.S. The hubby just came home and informed me we are oing this van thing tonight. It looks like my options ( since we want the DVD players) are the light blue or maroon. I don't really like either, but the blue has more options, i think. Grandma van, in light blue no less, here i come!!!!

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Anonymous said...

yeah maroon is old lady, light blue is grandma... i still say go with the light blue though