Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh... just some pictures ( are you tired of them yet???)

So... did everyone have a good weekend?? It was a hot one!! I basically did a whole lot of nothing (like usual) , so really, I don't have anything to blog about, buuuttttt..... I just L-O-V-E it soooooooooo much! And I know all of you are eagerly checking your e-mails, multiple times a day, just hoping I'll have a new post. Okay, I don't really believe that, I think the only one who is as excited as I am about the many, MANY pictures I post of my children, is their grandparents. But that's okay.. I like to go back and re-read some of my more humorous blogs and make myself laugh. Apparently, the last blog I posted ( of Emma) has started a little discussion on who she looks like. After taking the pictures, I looked at one and for some reason I thought "Payne". It's not that she looked like him, there was just something. A little while after I posted my blog, my mom called and said " do you know who these pictures look like?" Well, she didn't say Payne, but Xavier. And after I looked at them again, you know.. she was right. Xavier as a baby. Of course, I e-mailed Rachel, and she was in complete agreement. So, does this mean that Rachel and I resemble each other in some way? Because our children look more like their fathers than like us ( well, I guess out of all of our kids, Xavier and Emma look the most like us). So, anyway, just thought I'd share that and give everyone who remembers Xavier as a baby something to think about. The weird thing is, Those pictures don't really look that much like Emma, even though, obviously, it is Emma. Weird.

Okay, so I'm going to give you a little something about all of my darlings. Emma, of course, I just gave you an update about, but I can never run out of stuff to talk about when it comes to my kids!! So, we'll start with her. I'm beginning to think that she is going to be the most like myself. I mean in the not so good ways. ( I no, hard to believe, I DO have not so good things about me!!) I've been told I didn't really talk much as a baby... or toddler. But, maybe I just didn't need too?? With a brother and sister like mine around, I doubt I ever got a chance to! Seriously though.. Emma will be 5 months in about a week and other than a squeal..... we got nothin. She should be doin baby babbles by now!! I know you shouldn't compare your kids with each other ( but who doesn't??), Gavin and Lakin were both making so much more baby noises by now. Harry has a nephew who is, like, a week older than Emma, and she says she just can't believe how much more he's doing than Emma! Great.... Now days, she'll be in speech therapy by the time she's 1. Wonderful, that's all I need. I guess Jerry's going to have to give us all a course in sign language ( which is supposed to be really good for baby's who aren't able to tell you what they want yet), just so we can talk to her. I even had to do the whole "speech class" thing, but that was in 2nd grade.... the school felt sorry for my poor self:( Then it took the school to do something about it. Now, by the time I bring her in for her 6month check-up, her ped. will be referring me to a specialist! She's also going to a MAJOR antisocial moment. I think she may end up being the worst out of all my children. She's pretty much crying as soon as someone holds her or even talks to her. Wonderful! as soon as she's given back to me... she quits. Well, of course my mom couldn't stand the thought of this, and it had been like, 3 weeks since she'd seen her. So I brought her with me when I picked up Lakin on Sunday. Mom picks her up... she cries. She gives her to me, she stops. She tries again... cries. Gives her back.. stops. Talks to her.. Emma gets very agitated. This goes on for awhile then she's even crying with me ( I did stick her in the pool, though.... she didn't like that at all). My baby was just tired. I laid her down and she went right to sleep. I ran to the store and she woke up while I was gone... she was fine after that. She even let Jami hold her. Now I'm not sure if it's because I wasn't there, or if she was just in a better mood, but mom was experiencing MAJOR relief. I suppose we'll See how Christmas goes this year! We are still trying to get the cereal thing down, and she HATES it! She'll open her mouth for the first bite, after that she seals shut. You have to shove it past. She's not spitting it out as much, just doesn't want to eat it. Maybe it will be better when I can put yummy stuff in it.

Look how well she's holding her head up... finally

Different day..same poseNow... on to Lakin... Lakin, Lakin, Lakin. She's just normal little Lakin. We went to this little restaurant in Cloverdale last Sunday, and there were two little girls there who were probably between the ages of 4 and 7. We were eating outside, and the girls started doing cartwheels. Lakin's was just in awe! Her face! You could just see how bad she wanted to do one, too. I decided right then, we would have to put her in tumbling classes. I called today, now I'm just waiting for a call back. My baby WILL learn to do a cartwheel! She'll love it! I'm so excited! Lakin and Gavin were playing some sort of game the other night, and all of the sudden Gavin says " mom, Lakin just said I was stupid" or something like that. Well, I said " I wonder where she got that from" since "stupid" and "whatever" are new favorite words of my darling son since school started back up. So, he asked her " Lakin where did you get that word from?" And she said.... " from my mouth!" You just have to imagine the "well duh" tone. It was funny! But she usually is. Here are some pictures of her in a few of her dress up clothes. She's just too cute! She's dancing to her " how to dance like a princess" video, BTW.
These two are of her doing a curtsey (sp?) This picture is just so..... Lakin!awww... isn't my baby girl beautiful???A little blurry, but cute! Trying to dance with Emma

Now, Gavin. I know, I'm a bad mom... I have no new pictures of my first born, but he doesn't really do a whole lot! He gets home from school and watches T.V, has a snack, plays a game, plays bionicles, plays cars.... you get it. Not a whole lot that you want to take pictures of. We eat dinner, he and Lakin usually go outside and play until about 8:00, they come in , take baths, pick up their toys, brush teeth, we read a book then it's bed time at 9:00. He just doesn't have many photo ops. Poor Gavin!!!! So instead I took a picture of a picture he made for me yesterday... sweet Gavin. Speaking of sweet Gavin.... yesterday, he wanted a snack after school, so he got a twinkie. Apparently, he sat it down and Marley got it..whoops! So he asks for another one, I told him to keep it in the kitchen this time. A few minutes later, he's yelling at the dog again. Yes Marley got the twinkie. This time I told him he couldn't have another one because I told him to leave it in the kitchen and he chose not to listen to me. Well, he didn't like this at all! He actually laid on the kitchen floor and was kicking and screaming.... yes, my son is almost 7. This was lovely! He proceeded to act like this for at least 30 minutes, then decided it wasn't getting him anywhere and gave up. Sometimes he amazes me. I'm sure that a therapist would say it's just a cry for attention, or something like that, but he didn't get any from me acting like that! Poor Gavin.. being the oldest and the only boy... I love him so much. (Lakin just said " barnacles" because I wouldn't let her on my lap! he-he) Anyway, no pictures of sweet angel Gavin this time, but soon. Oh yeah, he informed me on saturday that you shouldn't be in a gang because those people are bad..... I said " where did you learn about gangs?" He said " school"...... Hello!!! Why is my 1st grader learning about gangs??? I mean, he probably would have made it all the way to high school without ever hearing about one. What kind of gangs do you have to worry about out here... John Deere Greens?? The Corn Rows???? Cow Tippers??? Seriously!! I of course informed him that the people weren't necessarily bad, just some of them were making bad choices. Well... I'm wrong!! If your in a gang, your EVIL!!!!!!!!! Okay, so he didn't say that, but may as well have. I guess it's good though that they are teaching him that.... I forgot about that one gang, that really big one that all the country kids are in... oh you know, that REAL bad one.... that's right, I remember... the 4-H er's!!!! Terrible, terrible people they are!!! Good thing he learned about gangs early!

Now for Marley............. I tell myself everyday I'm going to find him a new home, but then change my mind. I just love him so much! I just really wish he'd stop peeing on my floor!! I just don't understand.. This morning he pooped!! twice! He hasn't done that in a long time. Grrr!!! His pee is really starting to stink things up. Nothing better than sitting on your couch smelling dog piss. He just won't learn. He has learned how to sit, give 5's and we are working on laying down and standing up. He's gonna be like a little circus dog! If he stops peeing on my floor anyway. If not, he won't be LIKE one, he will BE one!

Look, he's smiling at you!!!

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