Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of 1st Grade!!! ( well, morning)

So, we did it.... Gavin is experiencing his first day of 1st grade as I blog. Not surprisingly, the day didn't go as planned. i woke up late, at 10 till 7, so I knew the morning wasn't going to go as planned. Gavin immediately started doing his weird growl/whine/yell noise as soon as I told him he had to get up. " I HATE school" is what I heard first. No "I love you mom", " good morning, mommy", nothing just growl/whine/yell. So that's great. I ignore this, like usual, and ask what he want's for breakfast, more growl/whine/yell. Fine... don't eat you little S*%!. I didn't really say that, BTW. He finally gets up and starts whining about oatmeal, which of course we don't have time for, it's 7:00 and the bus gets here at 7:20. So he's yelling, Vern gets mad, he gets told to quit, doesn't quit, Vern gets more mad, Gavin get's a spankin, I get mad because it's his first day of school, Vern and I argue( sorta, in our way), Gavin cry's very loudly, Emma wakes up, Gavin finally chooses a pop-tart, but is crying so much he's not eating. I look out the window, the bus is here... it's only 7:06, not 7:20...WTF!!! This sucks, now I'm going to have to load up the girls and drive him to school, Wonderful! Of course, he thinks now he gets to stay home, the crying stops. I inform him that he's still going, the crying re-starts. Fun! Fun! My husbands still blah, blah, blahing in the background, Emma's screaming, I am being, amazingly, very calm. I feed Emma, force Gavin to get dressed, wake up Lakin, get her dressed, get Emma in her carseat, get the kids outside... wait, no keys. can't find the damn things anywhere, call husband to ask where they answer. Grrrr... now I'm loosing my calm, it's 7:40. Find them in the bathroom ( good place for them Vern) put the dog up, buckle seat belts, and pull out. Guess what???? Go ahead, guess..... I'm on E!!!! I cross my fingers and head to school. I get there and remember that Gavin doesn't know where his room is, but I'm dressed in an old t-shirt and old used-to-be-white pants, very pretty. Not to mention, both of the girls are in their P.J's, and it would be a real pain in the ass to unload them and bring them in. So, bad mom moment, I drop him off, give him a kiss, tell him I love him and to have fun and to ask one of the teachers at the front where his class is! I know, I'm horrible!! I felt so bad. I know it's fine, they know who he is, they'll figure it out, but still. On the way to get gas ( which was actually really fun, explain later), Vern calls and says Matt ( one of his employees) said school starts 10 minutes early this year. This would of course explain the early bus, huh? I called the school when I got him and asked and she ( not very nicely, I might add) said it was all in the packet I got at registration, and that was why I was supposed to read it. Oops! Anyway, I have to pick him up at 2:20 ( NOT 2:30), I'll try to blog later and tell you how his first day went. I'm sure he's having the time of his life:)

I got my new phone last night and I L-O-V-E it!!!!! It's absolutely wonderful! I get all of the T.v. channels, which the kids love, but so do I! I can watch movies for $5,but don't really want to, and I used my GPS for the first time to get to the gas station this morning!! Yes, I knew how to get there, but I looked up gas by price and it brought up the cheapest gas and then just HAD to get turn by turn directions!! Hearing that little lady say " turn left in.06 miles was GREAT!! I'll be over it soon, but for now it's super, super fun!!!!

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh gavin looks soooo freaking cute! i mean my little dowen :) where did you find that shirt? old navy didn't have that when i went or i would have gotten it. i'm serious that's the cutest shirt with plaid shorts EVER. he looks like a little man, no basket ball shorts yipeeeeeee! now if you could just get the little shit to wear jeans :) he's so darn cute!!!!!!!