Thursday, August 21, 2008

eating one of the dangly's on her intellatainer

Well, Emma went to her 4month well child check up yesterday ( even though she's closer to five months) and she's doing great!! The doctor isn't at all concerned about her not making many noises. She said she'll get to it, as long as she's making some, she's not concerned. Poor baby, she'll probably have to take speech therapy or something! Anyway, she weighed in at a whopping 14lbs 14oz. !! Hoss! That put her around the 65th percentile, which is way up from 50th at two months! She was 24 3/4 in long, which put her right around the 70th percent. That is down from 2 months. her head was 16 1/4, which grew A LOT! At two months she was near the 20th %, now she's around 50. She may have a big head yet! Of course at her 2 month checkup, she really didn't have any head growth at all from her one month, so she was just making up for it! Basically, she's ( in the doctors words) very well proportioned. Everything fits together... of course, they didn't measure her ears:( everyone have a great day!!

cracking up!! Silently of course , maybe with a little squeal
cheese, mommy!

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Anonymous said...

oh wow that first picture sure reminds me of payne!!! i see what you were saying... that's funny. she's getting big, and i havent really got to hold or see her :(