Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Random Pictures

Gavin & Marley
" oh, Shatzie, I LOOK UP to you" get it??? ha haha ha
Look!!! She's holding her own bottle!!
I know the picture is blurry, but how funny is this??!! Shatzie better run faster or jump:)
awww.... poor neglected Shatzie ( who hasn't had a bath in months..phew!!)

Gavin & Emma, posing for a quick photo shoot before leaving to mema's ( this was the day she rolled over)

Don't Emma's ears look rather,um, well, protruding here? Actually, so do Gavin's.....

The frog that was in our kitchen.. it was a rather strange,orange color, tree frog

My kids and Marley (well, his rear), looking at the frog

Well..... I'm just sitting here ( actually, rocking here) and thought that I might as well do something while I am otherwise immobile. Emma and her teething is just not getting any better. About the only way to make her happy is to hold her. She is sleeping a lot, but again, better when I'm holding her. Hence, that is why I am sitting here rocking. I really need to be cleaning up my kitchen, doing some laundry.... and my bathroom, well, we won't even go there! But hey, I guess the bathroom will get stinky again, the kitchen will get sloppy again and the clothes will get dirty again, so I'll just leave it for now. Let's see, let's see.......... I'm getting a new phone tonight!!! Yes, for me that is SOOOOO exciting! I have been using a phone that for the past year only has usage to the left side of the key pad's buttons. So that means I am only able to call numbers pre-programmed in my phone or one's that don't use the 3,6, 9,#, and sometimes 7, buttons. Erasing messages on voicemail is hit and miss. Forget calling any automated numbers where you half to push numbers to get anywhere, for that I have to use the house phone. Luckily, I do have voice dial, so that has worked in a pinch. Of course if someone calls me, I can save it, but if I have to enter their name.... well, lets just say I have some pretty crazy names for some people in my phone. You use whatever works. More recently, my battery has decides to hold a charge for, oh, all of three seconds. No joke, off the charger, it lasts 5 minutes. That really truly sucks. I don't even bother to bring it into places with me when I go, it will just die. Oh, and we can't forget the appearance! I am ( with NO embarrassment) walking around talking without a cover on my battery. Very pretty! My brother apparently doesn't feel quite the same way, and seemed rather embarrassed to be walking with me while I was talking... I can't believe it! This all ends tonight! I am getting one of those ultra cool touch phones..FUN! This coming from me who " doesn't want anything cool, I don't even use the camera, I don't text..etc.". This was BEFORE sprint had a touch phone, though. When I found that out, everything changed. I've wanted an i phone forever!! This is close enough. I can't wait to use my handy GPS or Internet shop in the car. I'm SOOOO excited! Of course, I'll be over it in about a week, but for now YEAH!!

Gavin starts school tomorrow! I'm so nervous for him. He, of course, doesn't want to go at all, but I'm sure he'll be just fine. 1st grade... that's big kid school! oh, how am I ever going to survive this???? It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard!!! One part of me just wants to keep him here with me, but the other part of me can't wait for him to go back... terrible, huh? It's so much quieter here when he's gone, Lakin is so much more well behaved. One day they will all three be in school all day, what will I do with myself then?? One house will actually be clean longer than 5 minutes, I might start cooking dinner again!!! Vern will be VERY excited! Lots of homemade cookies! I guess I'll have to find a hobby, or I could just work on getting fat:)!! Anyway, I'll let everyone know how that goes, and I'm sure I'll have pictures! I'll even be able to blog from my new phone!! ( which I doubt I will, but hey)

Here are just some pictures.. kids, dogs ( I taught Marley how to sit and give 5's, by the way:), the little frog in my kitchen ( which my husband told the kids was poisonous, thanks Vern!) that was a rather strange color, but the kids were fascinated ( so was Marley). I hope everyone is having a good day, and I'll blog Gavin's first day of 1st grade soon!

" I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time." -anna freud

( that was for you Jami, I know how much you enjoy them!)

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