Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Emma Grace - 4 months ( and 1 day)

4 months, I say this every month, but I can't beleive how fast it's gone by! This is why I'm going to have to have another one, they just keep growing up on me. It's not that I don't LOVE to see them change and grow, but a little Peter Pan action, just to slow it down, couldn't hurt! I mean, my baby is going to start 1st, yes 1ST grade, in a week! 1st grade!!!! That' s like, major grown up... spelling tests, basic multiplying... ahhhh!!!!!! Lakin is going to be kissing me bye in about a month on her first day of pre-school, next I'll be blogging ( over tissues, I'm sure) about Emma's first day. It sorta makes me a little nausous thinking about all of it. I am so going to cry on the 14th, then again in September, which will probably be MAJOR waterworks. I'm just not sure if I can get through the stress of all of this first day of school stuff. Does it ever get any easier? God forbid they decide to go to a college that's far away ( assuming they are college bound), then what about when they move out?? Gavin's wife will hate me! I'll be one of THOSE mom-in-laws! ( unless it's Aryssa:) ) My kids will hate me! I'll NEVER be able to stop mothering them...I'll probably show up uninvited, cleaning house, doing laundry, making sure that their food supply is up to standards... let's not even think about when I'm a grandma!! I'm sure I'll be calling every day to make sure they are wearing clean undies and to hear them tell me they love me. Man, my husband will even be going crazy! See what my kids have to look forward to as adults:) Anyway........

Emma Grace 4 months:

- still eating 4-6 oz ( usually 5 or 6) every 4 hours

- hates to be burped

- takes erratic naps throughout the day, no real schedule anymore ( that will have to be fixed)

- sleeps from 8:45p.m. to 6:30 a.m.

- wearing sz. 2 diapers, but 1's fit better ( had a couple of night time leaks!)

- 0-3 month clothes still fit, but getting snug, 3-6 months still pretty loose ( need an inbetween)

- prefers to be with mommy

- smiles all the time

- making all sorts of "ahhs" and "oohhs" noises ( but has noisy days and not so noisy days)

- lifting head while on belly

- rolled from belly to back on the 2nd of August ( little brat is with me 24/7 and waits 30 minutes after I drop her off at mom's to roll over)

- can roll to side while on back, but doesn't go all the way over

- sits up really well!

- doesn't like bouncy seat as much... almost time to pull out the intell-a-tainer!

- laughs alot ( which is more like a squeal)

- is starting to like to be outside ( finally!)

- still doesn't like baths

- doesn't like to be held when sleepy..wants to lay down

- spent longest length of time away from me ( 1 day, one night, and half a day!)

- is cutting her first teeth! Her two bottom ones are showing and the one on the right is just barely pushing through

- doesn't handle teething well! ( me either!)

- HATES Orajel!

- doesn't like it when you touch her gums

- crys, crys, crys, crys, all the time!! ( but at least we now know why)

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Anonymous said...

It is one of the hardest things that a mother and a step-mother has to go thru when your children leave home. I wish that we could see your children more often. That would be wonderful. I really enjoy all my grand children.I wish I could even get closer to Jami's kid.