Sunday, August 3, 2008

Random pic.'s

Here are just a bunch of random pictures from different things that I wanted to share.... I LOVE pictures!!!!Lakin and her body painting (7-22-08)Dawson with his finger??? paint ( 7-22-08)Dawson & Lakin body painting ( 7-22-08)These two go together... we ( Dawson and I ) were going to make a scrapbook page for Ava with them, but haven't got around to it yet..... one day. If anyone is wondering where Gavin is in these pictures, he refused to join in the finger painting fun:(Emma (7-31-08)Vern and Emma, at Byron & Elizabeths B-day party (7-31-08)Chase, at Byron & Elizabeths B-day party (7-31-08)Emma, at Byron & Elizabeths B-day party (7-31-08) I know your wondering... no, that's not my boob ( I know you all thought it was;) )Megan ,at Byron & Elizabeth's B-day party ( 7-31-08)Lakin, at Byron & Elizabeths B-day Party (7-31-08) me, Gavin & Emma ( sorta).... taken by Lakin ( 7-27-08)
me posing for Gavin.... my kids LOVE to take pictures ( they get it naturally?) Emma and I are usually their favorite subjects (7-27-08)

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Anonymous said...

is that dawsons shirt or did we both get the same ones? again :) so where was gavin during the finger painting? did you lock him up outside in the barn or something? poor kid ;)