Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pumpkin Patch - October 2011

This year we took the kids to Beasley's Apple Orchard in Danville for their pumpkin patch.  I hadn't been before and it sounded like there was a lot of fun things to do.  As far as pumpkin patches was OK.  They charged for all of the "kid things" (bounce houses..etc)..I think it was $1 for each ticket per "game/ride/jump"..with that many kids added up pretty quick.  I tried to steer them away from these things, but the only other options were hay bales they could climb.  They even charged for the ride out to the pumpkin patch...and although the pumpkins were priced well, the price for the ride was a little steep.  The kids had fun, but I think next year we will go to a regular ol' pumpkin patch or back to the one west of Terra was a long drive, but there was so much more to do..and much cheaper!

Josh and Audrey

Alexis and Ava

I think my daughter may have stolen this dinosaur...I'm raising a delinquent!


So excited over the "baby punkin" uncle Josh found for her!

My Ann is so cuuutttee ;)

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