Thursday, December 1, 2011


These pictures are from the morning Vern poured the concrete around the pool.  We had some extra, so he let the kids make their own "slab".  He probably should have poured it into TWO separate piles...those boys took this job very seriously.  This, of course, caused much arguing and tears from my overly sensitive oldest daughter...and lots of big,deep sighs from me. Needless to didn't turn out as fun as we had hoped, because they fought and tattled more than they "played". The boys should have just had fun and let the girls be...we ended up tearing it all up when it dried anyway :)

Emma's choice of concrete attire...miss- matched boots and nothing else...

Lakin's choice of "proper" concrete attire....always in a skirt..always the princess...

Saggy Britches!!

For some reason Ava refused to actually "swim" in the pool...she would just sit on the steps at either end and yell for someone to carry her to the other side. This time, she allowed Emma to "swim" her across....silly girl. ;)

Yes, Jami...I put it up...but at least it's not facebook...nobody really actually looks at my

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