Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gavin's Birthday Party - September 2011

This water was cold....very,very cold. I think the temperature was 58 degrees, if I remember correctly.  We were able to empty (literally) all of the hot water from our house into it and raise it to 61...but that is still freezing. I rarely swam in it this summer if it wasn't over 85. Of course, boys...being boys...had to show off and prove they were tough enough to handle it. It was a pool party, after all!  They were purple pretty quickly..and I don't think anyone lasted any more than 10

I had planned on setting this up outside...but we had bees...hives and hives of bees! I have never seen this many bees near my house at one time. It had been a problem for about 2 weeks..and unfortunately, it didn't improve on the day of the party.

again...with the bees!

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