Thursday, December 1, 2011

The FINAL August...2011

I'm doing it!!!

I said I would....

and I CAN!!

3 more months (and December) and I will be all caught up!

Yay Me!!

I like being caught up...deleting all of these blog folders makes me smiiiilllle!! I may hit that mouse button w/ a little TOO much excitement....but I take whatever bit of organization that I can still snag.  When my kids are grown..I may become OCD....just trying to make up for all of the years where chaos ruled my life. Clean house...what's that? Papers filed...when?? check book balanced...i don't even know where it day my life motto will be ...

A Place For Everything And Everything In It's Place

Everything will smell good, too... :)

sometimes things get a bit grungy with these pets and kids...I think they were switched at birth and were supposed to live in a barn...seriously.

But for now...when it's all sweat, dirt, and unexplained odor's....

I'll be happy with what ever little bit of calm,clean,organization I can get.

Aryssa...look at that pool hair!!! ;) She's still beautiful!


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