Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bow and Arrow

Vern bought Gavin a bow and arrow for his birthday this year.  I didn't think that it would be a very big hit...but I was wrong! He loved it. So did his sister..but that thing is HARD to pull back ( or maybe I'm just a weenie??).  Gavin doesn't seem to have any problems getting it back...but he definitely needs to work on his aim...I 'm not going to be to surprised when something gets shot that's not supposed to.  I'm sort of a nervous wreck when anyone else is outside in the same area ( or outside..period!) when he's feeling all warrior like and has the urge to fling arrows everywhere...Vern should have probably bought me some Valium along with that arrow. I'm pretty sure every possible ( and maybe not so possible) scenario of someone getting injured has flashed through my mind at least twice. *SIGH*...boys will be boys...I should just be thankful that his flannel-carharts-Paul Bunyan beard hunter (but maybe he's more of a prince on a big white horse kinda bow and arrow guy!!) urge hasn't progressed to actual LIVING things.  My sweet boy is only interested in hay baless, targets and pumpkins....for now. Actually, I'll just go ahead and start telling myself now that those are the ONLY things he will EVER want to shoot...if I say it enough, I'll convince myself , and  keep my anxiety in check! :)

My princess learning to shoot an arrow. Her daddy, to make me even more crazy, had to run right out and buy her one of her very own. He was disappointed that he couldn't find pink..but no worries! A pink BB gun is something he plans on getting her for Christmas.
....I just found 3 gray hairs on my head....
( not really..but I probably will...very, very soon)

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