Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday World - August 2011

We took the two older kids to Holiday World for a day back in August.  Let me start out by saying...I questioned this decision...many,many times. Gavin is scared of almost everything...literally.  He has more fears than I thought possible for a ten year old boy..especially one as sheltered as he's been! I was excited about taking Lakin..she was pumped to ride those rides!  Gavin also happens to be a complainer...( I'm hot,I'm thirsty, I'm tired, the sky is to blue...), so walking around a crowded amusement park for the entire day when it was 80+ degrees out was definitely reason to hesitate. Not to mention the fact that the thought of my children actually RIDING any of those death traps makes me want to have a mild anxiety attack...and sometimes all those people sort of make me want to scream ( hmmm...i wonder where Gavin gets it??)....sometimes.

Well....I was right...Gavin refused to ride any rides..NOT>ONE>SINGLE>RIDE. We paid $30 for him to walk around and complain...but I was prepared for this.  It was a little bit of a bummer for Vern and I  because one of us had to sit with him while the other rode rides with Lakin. Speaking of riding rides for Lakin, we narrowly avoided meltdowns because she was about a 1/4 inch to short to ride 95% of them....this did not make her very happy..she was ready to ride them all!  She was able to ride the water slides, but after waiting in only one of the lines ( this ride was completely black the whole way down...I had visions of her falling out the whole way down. I may have squeezed her with my legs hard enough to hurt her...ahem..sorry Lakin), she decided she'd had enough of we went and joined her brother and Vern in the wave pool...the only  thing that Gavin would do other than the little playground water thing in the pictures.  The wave pool did look fun...but I was pretty sure that the kids were going to drown because Vern never watches them as well as I do! :) :) :)

Needless to year, Lakin will be tall enough for those roller coasters, so to prevent a MAJOR heart attack...I think that we'll just send her with her dad and Gavin and I will stay at home...maybe go visit a wading pool...where all the SAFE people hang out...and promise not to call Vern more than 50 times to make sure they are still alive :)

These are pictures from the dive show..which was actually pretty cool..may have been the highlight of my day :)

This guy actually lit himself on fire..that was cool! :)

For whatever reason these pictures are doing that weird, blown out thing...they really don't look like this..something to do with the upload??

I couldn't decide if I should post this picture or not...look at those grody teeth! But..having hardly any pictures of Gavin to actually put up, I decided that beat out teeth that look like they haven't been brushed in a year....
I promise it's only been 4 months :)

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