Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!! ( and happy birthday to me!!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope every one had lots of great food and got really fat;) Ours was a typical thanksgiving for us, which means it turned out pretty well. Nothing extraordinary happened but nothing bad happened, either. Just you average turkey day! It was Emma's 1st, however, which makes it special:)

We started out our holiday on the Sunday before at my dad's. I didn't bring my camera, so there are no pictures from there. We had all of the food you would expect, except for sweet potatoes, but I don't like those anyway. Then on Thursday we went to Vern's brother's house, for the Ridgway T-day. Again, the food you would expect, with lot's of leftovers. We hung out there most of the afternoon then loaded up the kids for the drive home. Friday, for those of you who forgot, was my birthday and Black Friday, of course. So I drug myself out of bed at 4:20 and met mom and Caitlin at the Greencastle Wal-Mart to battle the crowds. It was definitely more crowded than last year, but no to bad. We got everything we came for. I was going to go on in to Avon and do some more shopping, but there really wasn't anything I needed from those stores, so I just came home, instead.

My house was just waking when I walked in and my darling son, after just coming from his room, came and hugged me and told me Happy Birthday while wiping the sleep from his eyes...... awwwwww!! Then after making me wait for an hour because I didn't wake him up when I left, my husband gave me my birthday present!! Which was a VERY good one, I might add... sometimes he can be wonderful:) I did some on-line shopping , Vern went in to see what was left of the sales a t wal-mart and sears, then I ran to a toy store on the square to browse for some more gifts for the kids. We ordered Mexican for dinner and used leftover pumpkin bars for my cake! Lakin was dying to sing me Happy Birthday, so I had to come up with something. There are pictures, I'll post them later.

Saturday, we loaded up to go to mom's, where we enjoyed Pizza Hut pizza and bread sticks, with no cheese, thanks to my dummy brother, for our T-day dinner:) The kids enjoy it ( so do I!) and it's sooooo much easier. Besides, by then, we are usually all turkey-ed out.

I hope everyone had a great day!! I'm posting a Random November pictures post, so don't be surprised to get another e-mail in a day or so.

Mom's Thanksgiving 11-29-08
Payne and Gavin

These are some pre-thanksgiving pictures of Emma. I LOVE this outfit!! It's my new favorite, i think she'll wear it every day!:) The hat made her look like a boy, but I wanted some pictures of her with it on anyway.

Ridgway Thanksgiving 11-27-08
Tracy and Emma
Michael and Gavin
kizzy and Brooke
zonked out:)



Anonymous said...

It look's like you had a nice Thanksgiving. And I didn't forget your birthday, your father was suppose to call you. I see that he didn't. I hope it was a very good one. I think I did call you because I remember what you said Vern had got you. Hey Vern Your step-mother/in/law birthday is 7-30 I hope you had a good one. And we will take the family out to eat, just name the day. Love you mamie{Kathy}

Anonymous said...

holy crap you look like me in that picture! emma looks sooo freaking cute in all of them. isnt that funny i looked like you, nmow you look like me, geeeeez. dawsons being a butt yelling at eric, call me!