Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree.......

Like many of you, we put our Christmas tree up over Thanksgiving weekend. Lakin was so excited, but she's been asking to put ours up for a long time now, thanks to the stores that have to start advertising Christmas way before it's even Thanksgiving. So I made the husband drag everything in ( which, sadly, there wasn't much) from the barn and the kids and I got busy! They were great help at sorting out the different colors on the stems ( yes, we broke down last year and bought a fake tree, much to Vern's dissapointment) and putting (well, trying) the stems in the right holes. Of course, they were also trying to hang the ornaments before we even had the tree compleatly assembled:) After getting the lights on and letting the kids hang the decorations, it turned out rather nice. The kids love it, but of course they did most of the decorating thereselves. They are so proud!! As much as I wanted to move ornaments around and not hang certain ones, I held back. So even though almost all of the ornaments are in one general area on the front of the tree, that's okay, it's still beautiful! I know that I'll have plenty of years to have a tree decorated only for me, when I've passed all of the kids' made-at-school paper ornaments on to them. For now, I'll just enjoy their happiness and fun of decorating the way that they want to. Time to get wrapping!!

Emma loungin with daddy while we decorate

She was so excited to put on the angel!

Emma had fallen asleep, so she was able to see the tree for the first time fully decorated. WOW!!

Please excuse all of the not-so Christmas-sy background;)

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