Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My be-uuuuuuu-tiful neice, Caitlin, had her senior portraits taken and I just had to share! Some of you have already seen them, but for the rest of you, she just looked so pretty in so many of them, that I just had to put a whole bunch of them up! Isn't it fun to brag?!

This is my favorite

Well, shoot..... my Internet is being an ass ( happens frequently) and won't let me upload any more pictures. I'll have to put them up later, but here are most of the ones that I liked.
Emma went in for her 6 month well-child, a month and a half late, on the 14th. Doctor said she looks great and she has no major concerns. She is a little concerned about her inability to roll onto her stomach, and the fact that she's not crawling, scooting or even pushing up on her hands and knees. She's not overly concerned, just enough to mention it. She says she's confidant she'll be doing it by the time she comes in for her 9 month. Another mild concern is her non-vocal-ness ( I know, not a word). She squeals, but apparently by 6 months, they should be starting to babble, you know, ddddd... mmmmmm.....bbbbbb...., sounds. But again, no major concern, just a let's wait and see what happens. To this, from my mother, I got a " did you tell them that you were 10 before you talked??!!!!!!". Well no, I didn't, and she didn't really say 10, but I was, like, two before I decided to grace everyone with my voice, I think....... even if it was a slightly speech impaired voice. Poor little Christa:( However..... these new-age doctors that I'm so fond of don't really care about when you started speaking. It makes since that maybe they would be like their parents, but maybe that's not a genetic thing that they ask about?? I'm not really sure. My other two darlings were always right on track with their sounds and talking and haven't stopped since. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. As for her measurements, she's just growing like a weed!! She was a whopping 17lbs. 11oz. !! Which actually only put her right over the 50th %, so she's about right in her weight in comparison to other 7 month olds, just a tad bigger. Her length, however, was right on track with her sister, and explained why all of her clothes are very close to being to short. She was 28" long putting her somewhere in between the 90th and 95th %. Looks like we are going to have another tall girl. Her head was 17 in. and put her in the 60th%.... doesn't look like her head is going to be as big as her sisters:)
On to other Emma news..... She just rolled onto her belly!!!!! See!! She still has a chance:) She then rolled right back onto her back. But at least she did it!
Emma has a new sound as of last night. Imagine Beavis and Butthead. Now imagine their laugh..... that's basically what she's doing. It's so cute on her, though!! For those of you who don't know what their laugh sounds like, it's a he-he-he-he kind of noise. She did it for the first time last night because she was SO happy to see me!! I went and got my hair done, so I was gone for awhile since I have to drive all the way to Broad Ripple, and when I got home, she was all grins! She's never shown that she's missed me, so this was wonderful. I was eating it up. I picked her up and she started waving her arms and making the noise.... so cute!! Of course, my laughing got a good reaction, and she continued to do it. She's got her first noise other than "eh" and her squeal. Babbles are on their way!
We also discovered last night her fondness of knocking over blocks. She was really entertained by me building a stack of blocks and then she knocked them over. We have a new game! So many new things in such a short time....................
oh yeah.... Emma has also been sucking her thumb!!! It is so freakin cute! I have witnesses who saw this on Saturday night, so I'm not making it up. Of course, Sat. when she was doing it quite a bit, I didn't have my camera. And today when I got my camera she stopped to try and grab it. I will get a picture before she never does it again..... I will!!

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