Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Emma Grace, 7 Months!!

Emma Grace : 7 Months

- still eating 4 oz. every three hours ( except for lately, it's been more like two ounces)

- not back to sleeping through the night, but sleeping 8 hours between feedings. Eats at 7, bed at 8 and eats again at 2:30, wakes at 6:30

- on a very good nap schedule, although morning naps vary on Lakin's school days

- outgrowing her anti-social phase

- still no tooth;(

- weighed 17lbs 10oz last time we were at dr. Goes for ( late) well child on the 14th

- first swing

- has ate all 1st baby foods. Seems to like them all except for green beans and peas

-first sippy cup

- does not like cereal.... at all!!

- sitting up on her own, but will topple sometimes

- LOVES when you sing!!

- still won't let you rock her to sleep, wants to be laid down awake

- first antibiotic

- still no crawling, scooting, laying on her belly (she HATES it!) or even rolling from her back to her belly. I'm beginning to think that's just because she doesn't want to

- no " words", mostly just squeals and a few " ehs"

- 2nd major Holiday ( Halloween... the first was the 4th)

-LOVES noises that crinkle ( wipey package, plastic bags ( scary), candy wrappers, etc.)

- likes to rip paper ( maybe because of the crinkly noise?) and then try to eat it:)

- still wearing 0-3 onesies

- 6-12 month clothes ( but some are JUST long enough)

- Loves to scratch things! She likes the noises, I think

So really, not a whole lot of change from last month. Nothing to exciting to report. She's SO big and getting bigger everyday!! Only 5 more months until she's 1!!

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