Monday, November 10, 2008

I figured it was time for a little Gavin! There have been a lot of Emma and Lakin pictures, and will be some more by the end of the week, so we are going too have a little Gav update.We finally bought the paint for Gavin's room. I've had his new bed set sitting in his room for weeks just waiting for a fresh coat of paint so they cold go on his bed. Now all we have to do is get it done! The two of us decided we were ready for something new... he's had that one since he was two! We had a mild disagreement over which bedding to choose, he wanted dinosaur stuff and I thought we should get something that would last him a little longer. I, logically, reasoned that since we were getting things that cost a little more, that we should get something that would grow with him, not something he'd decide was " baby-ish" in two years. Makes since, right? So I came to an agreement for both of us. The plus of being the parent! I ordered his dinosaur sheets, but instead of the dinosaur quilt, I went with plaid. He wasn't thrilled when the blanket came a few weeks after the sheets, but he'll adjust:) Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that it was a one sided, silent agreement? But they sure are cute!! I did tell him he didn't even have to make his bed with the quilt, that he could just fold it at the end of his bed, so everyone would see his dinosaurs. We can both be happy, I think. Another disappointment to him were the paint colors. He wanted green and blue..... ewwww. So I decided beige and blue. It looks nice! can you imagine a dark green and dark blue room............ Anyway, we started painting on Wednesday and I have managed to get all 4 of the walls painted by today! I finished the blue one this morning. Now I have to do the trim ( which I probably should have done first, of well) and that will probably take forever ( keep in mind, I'm doing this during Emma naps), but hopefully I can get it all done by Sunday.... I HOPE! I don't have any plans this weekend, so it may be doable. This past weekend was pretty busy. I don't want to put the blankets on his bed until I get it completely finished, I want to see the whole finished product at once. I still have to paint his shelves and buy some baskets for them, get his curtains and a rod and get them up, and get a new light fixture. My goal is to have it all ready to be put together by next weekend. I'll post pictures as soon as we get it done! But for now, here's a little preview of Gavin helping to paint his room. Bye, bye stripes!! ( his last picture with his stripes)

Say cheese!! Posing with his first compleated wall... he was so excited. And yes, I know he's not wearing any pants in the first few pictures, but everyone should expect that from Gavin;)See ya stripes!!!!
I went in for Gavin's parent/teacher conference on Friday ( since I missed the original one... I'm a bad mom:( ) and his teacher said he is doing great!! In her words " if all of my students were Gavin's, all my days would be easier"......awwwwww. It makes you so proud!! She said he is doing wonderfully in everything. He is an excellent reader, is doing great with his math and has no problems with his spelling! She did say that he gets in a rush sometimes and gets a little sloppy, but that he just needs to try and slow down. Overall, she said he was one of her better students and she thinks he has the potential to be a GREAT student! I love it!! How did I get such a smart baby??? I'm so proud!! He of course was just all smiles while listening. Which is good. He should be proud of himself!

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