Wednesday, November 5, 2008

1st PIctures of November 2008!!

Well, it's November and these are my first pictures. since the weather has been so amazing this week, we went to the park after Lakin got out of school on Tuesday afternoon. Why waste such a wonderful day? We all know that it will probably be snowing by next week. Anyway, It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon, and we had the park practically to ourselves. There were no other little kids there at all until when we were leaving. We spent about 2 hours there and had a lot of fun!!


I didn't get many pictures of Lakin, but she was pretty busy running around and playing. It's hard to expect a three year old to sit still for pictures while at a park:)


I did get lots of pictures of Emma. She doesn't usually run off very far. I know, a little obsessive with the picture taking..... I just can't help it!!

Emma's First Swing!!
Emma swung for the first time today and she LOVED it!!!! She just grinned real big and did her little squeal laugh:) So cute!! The pictures are blurry, but you can still see her cheese!

All Wore Out
All of this excitement finally caught up. She crashed

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