Monday, December 8, 2008

Emma Grace: 8 months

8 months old!! It seems like I just posted her 7 month...... December is already almost over. Isn't it crazy that there is just a few more weeks until Christmas? And even more crazy that I have maybe a quarter of my shopping done? I'm starting to worry a little. I'll get it all done the weekend before, no worries:) Anyway....

Emma Grace: 8 Months

* Now saying " buh, buh, buh" sounds! She can talk!!
* Spinning around while on her belly
* Rolling around ( but not intentionally)
* Goes from a sit to hands and knee position and begins to rock before falling on her belly. Not much longer, she'll be crawling!!
* Doesn't like vegetables much anymore. Despises green beans and carrots, tolerates squash and peas, seems to be okay with sweet potatoes.
* Still no teeth, but you can definitely feel the points on the one that's been coming in for months!
* Sleeping through the night ( most of the time)
* Still eating 4oz every 3 hours ( I'm so over it:)
* Mashing foods with her gums
* wants to be held by her mama ALL the time. She will actually grab my shirt when I'm sitting next to her and climb up me, just so I'm holding her
* size 3 diapers
* LOVES bath time!!!!
* mimics you when you make sounds ( ahhhhhhh!!! , laugh, spit sounds ( you know ,blowing through your lips) )
Likes to play ball and playing with blocks ( she likes to knock them down)
I can't think of anything more that Emma's doing. I'm sure I'll think of something later, but that's the gist ( is that a word?) of it. Everyone have a good ( cold and wet!! ) week!

I know, her socks don't match, but we seem to be having a shortage, I'm going to have to buy some more. These are also to small, but they sure are cute!

Here is the " I'm done mom!" moment
Well, since I didn't stop when she started fussing, she took it upon herself to quit. She very rarely sits still for any length of time.

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