Monday, December 15, 2008

Disney On Ice

Sunday afternoon, mom, Lakin and I went to Disney on Ice : 500 Years of Disney. It was a really good show!! Gavin was supposed to go, but Sunday morning decided he didn't want to. I decided that it was worth the wasted ticket if he was going to have a bad attitude all day because he didn't want to be there ( even though he would have liked it) so I let him stay home. That's okay, us girls had fun!! It started at 1:00 and we left mom's a little after 12. Of course, me not knowing and mom not thinking, we got stuck in Colts traffic. Then neither of us had any idea where to park and ended up parking a few miles down.... and still had to pay $20 because of the game! We were just grateful it wasn't freezing out, and that Gavin wasn't there to walk with us ( can you imagine?) :) We were a little late, but we had pretty good seats, sort of by themselves, so it wasn't a problem getting in. Lakin wasn't real sure at first, but after a while, she really enjoyed it! It was a big help that all of the princesses were there. At intermission we went on a popcorn, drinks, cotton candy ($10!!!!) and of course..... souvenir, break. A few minutes back into the show and Lakin was ready to leave. I can't really blame her. We had to walk a hundred miles to get there, sit for over an hour with lots of strange people around us, and she is only three. She did really well, though, but she was getting tired and antsy. We made it through to the end, she just moved around a lot. She had a minor meltdown when we were walking outside because she wanted a drink, but she survived and crashed almost as soon as we were in the car (after we walked a thousand miles back to the car, of course). I tried to take a lot of pictures, but I had a lot of things against me. It was dark, we were really far away, the woman in front of me had rather big hair and those darn skaters just wouldn't stand still!! A few turned out okay. I would definitely recommend going to one of these shows if you have never been, they are pretty fun. Next year I think we might try to go for front row ( depending on whose there). Lakin really wanted to be down there to shake all the skaters hands at the end. Not to mention that if your lucky Pumba may try to pass gas on you:)


Mickey in his balloon

Pinocchio and the fairy lady...... her costume was pretty!

Lakin with her Mickey Mouse ears crown. They came with the cotton candy, which is a good thing since they charge TEN dollars for it!!

Mulan , which wasn't really all that entertaining, but then again, isn't a Disney movie I really like. Lakin had no idea who it was, so she was sort of bored with it.

The Incredibles

Timon and Pumba- Lion King These guys were actually kind of funny. Pumba stuck his butt in the crowd and pretended to almost fart:)

Simba and Nala (sp?) - Lion King

Jiminy Cricket

Okay, so I can't get any more pictures to upload because my internet is being a @!%*&%$&.... you get the idea. I don't feel like messing with it, either, but I'm sure this is more than enough.


Anonymous said...

Oh man Lakin is really starting to look like your mom... Thats good or ok at least she dont look so much like Vern anymore. lol

Anonymous said...

I really miss doing things with you and your family. Emma is so beautiful.