Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Emma's Christmas pictures

I took these pictures of Emma yesterday and just had to post them!! And before anyone says anything, yes, I know Emma's ears are bent and that she has a small booger on her nose.... I didn't notice until I looked at the pictures!! I was so mad. Anyway, they are still cute:) I also know I haven't sent out Christmas cards, and at this point, I may not. I haven't even taken the kids' pictures yet! I will do that, but I guess you'll just have to see them on here..... I'll do better next year, I really wanted to send cards out, oh well, I'll just have to settle for showing them off on my blog. Enjoy Emma!!

The one picture that I got her to sort of smile, Lakin sticks her head in the way

If you look real close, you might be able to see her tooth! You can before the picture gets all shrunk, but it's hard to here.


jamilee said...

she's so cute!!! i love her hair! i didnt see a booger by the way, i didnt even notice her ear, no one would have either except you said something. shes cute! u suck about the christmas cards, i need one to add to my ridgway collection!

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful!!! Her big blue eyes....And long lashes ya I need a christmas card no way I have one for every year well I guess I could take one at christmas in front of the tree so that I have one

Anonymous said...

You are a really good mom. I am so proud of you and Vern. I also did not see any booger. And you really made me look for it.